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Personalised reusable bags

Are you going to a trade fair or event and want to give people something to use repeatedly for years to come? Then choose reusable bags printed by Loopper. Personalised reusable bags are available and can be printed on in many different materials, such as: cotton, cardboard and non-woven. All of these have different printing options available. Want to know which printing options best suit your company name or logo? Ask one of our experts!
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Custom reusable bags

By using one of Loopper's custom reusable bags, you're not only helping the environment, but you're also giving away a slick and stylish product. These days, bags are particularly popular for giving away as a reusable gift, and you can easily check out our range on this page. If you would like some advice, please give us a call. We are available every workday from 9 to 5.

Branded reusable bags

If you want to have branded reusable bags made by Loopper, it is important that you choose a bag that compliments your brand. If your logo is light, you might want to choose a dark bag so that your logo is more visible. Therefore, once you've found a bag you like, check to see if it's available in more than one colour. Choose the one that best suits your logo and brand. To make sure you get the best possible result, we always send you a digital sample before we start production. Do you need help choosing the right colour? Just give us a call or send us an email.

Printed reusable bags

At Loopper, we have a wide range of bags available that can all be reused. You can choose from cotton, canvas, paper and many other options. They're all produced in such a way that they are sturdy enough to be reused for years to come. By giving away printed reusable bags to business relations or employees, you portray that you are against single-use plastic bags and that you and your company are working towards a better planet!

Reusable bags with logo

Every year, 3 million(!) plastic bags are given away or sold in the UK. A large percentage of these disappear straight into the bin after one-time use. That is not very sustainable. Time for you and your company to change this. Would you like to give away bags as business gifts or promotional materials? Then choose reusable bags with logo from Loopper. By adding your logo or company name to these reusable bags, you're not only helping to create a healthier planet, but you're also showing the bags’ recipients that your company is concerned about the climate, something that will only become more important in the following years.

Wholesale reusable bags

Do you want your business to be sustainable in the products that you sell? Make sure you sell reusable bags with your own logo or company name on them. You can really show your customers the core values that are important to your company. If you are interested in wholesale reusable bags, you should give us a call. We can then provide you with fully personalised advice...and bags.

Promotional reusable bags

One of the best and simplest ways to work towards a better climate is to reuse bags. It is therefore important that the promotional reusable bags are strong enough to be reused for a long time. What will the bags be used for? How much weight must they hold? These are questions one must ask themself and adjust the bag material accordingly. We know this is not always easy, so we have a team of experts available every day to help you make the right bag choice. Send them an email, and they will respond within the hour!

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