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Personalised jute bags

About 80% of the litter in the oceans consists of plastic. This is not only dangerous for oceanic wildlife, but also for us humans. We at Loopper are working hard every day to combat this, and you can too, by getting personalised jute bags. When you choose a jute bag personalised with your logo, you are choosing to not use plastic and contributing to a better climate. You are also choosing to use a material that has a low carbon footprint. Curious about what other advantages jute bags have, or do you want to order them? Then give one of our experts a call!
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Custom jute bags

If you are going to order custom jute bags from Loopper, it is important that you look at the characteristics of the different bags. One of the things you should look out for is the length of the handles. For example, if you prefer to wear your bag around the shoulder, always choose long handles. Do you prefer to carry it loosely in your hand? Then choose short handles. You can easily find all the characteristics of the products on the product page. If you prefer personal advice, you should call our sales team, who is available every workday during office hours.

Branded jute bags

Jute bags are extremely suitable for branding. All our jute bags have a large print area, so you can easily print a large image on them. Giving away branded jute bags is fitting if you are celebrating a certain event, starting a new business, or just want more brand recognition for your already established company. Even if you want to just gift a small group of people, this is no problem. You can order them from us in quantities as low as 25!

Printed jute bags

Giving away printed jute bags as a business gift or promotional material is not only great for the name recognition of your company, but it is also a simple way to contribute to a healthier environment for humans and animals. Since approximately 80% of the waste in oceans consists of plastic, jute bags are always a better option compared to traditional plastic bags.

Jute bags with logo

If you're going to a trade fair or event soon and want to give your visitors some small business gifts, it's handy if they can easily take those items with them. Simply give them away in jute bags with logo printed at Loopper! By giving them a bag, your visitors will not only find it easier to take their things with them, but you'll also ensure that everyone at the trade fair will see your company name more easily. After all, your visitors will be walking around with a jute bag with your logo on it.

Wholesale jute bags

If you own a shop and would like to give your customers a bag with their purchases, choose wholesale jute bags from Loopper. Loopper has decades of experience in the custom printing of thousands of different products, so this is a piece of cake for us. If you're looking for this, it's best to give us a call, and together we'll look at which bags would best fit your company profile.

Promotional jute bags

Promotional jute bags a great way to put your important customers or business contacts in the spotlight. Since jute bags are really used as a fashionable item nowadays, your clients and relations will take their jute bag everywhere with them. It's an easy way to increase brand awareness for your company!

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