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Personalised cutting boards 

Personalised cutting boards make excellent promotional items that offer maximum reach at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing methods. Companies can customise the boards with their logo or artwork and add a special message to create a unique piece of art that serves as both decoration and functional tool. These gifts are perfect for showing gratitude to customers or as incentives for staff members and colleagues. Order your personalised cutting boards today, or request an offer, to see exactly how they will look with a free digital sample!
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Custom cutting boards 

When gifting custom cutting boards to other companies, business relations or staff/ colleagues, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to be mindful of the size and shape of the board when choosing one that fits their needs: if the recipient has a small kitchen counter space, a larger or oddly shaped board might not be the most practical option. Secondly, it is essential to select a quality product; wooden cutting boards are preferred over plastic as they have better grip, do not dull knives and do not contain bacteria-building grooves like many plastic boards. Additionally, it is important to check if the board is easy to clean and maintain; some products require regular oiling in order for them to last longer. Finally, selecting a unique design that reflects the recipient’s personality and interests will demonstrate thoughtfulness on your part. Whether you choose beech wood for its durability or bamboo for its sustainable properties, there are plenty of options at Loopper that can help make your custom cutting boards more special. 

Branded cutting boards 

Branding a cutting board is becoming an increasingly popular trend for companies and their owners, as well as purchasers looking to create a unique, personalized product. Laser engraving technology has made it easier than ever to customize cutting boards with detailed logos, images, and text. These laser-engraved cutting boards are perfect for displaying on kitchen counters or giving as gifts. They are also great promotional items at corporate events or trade shows - they can be used to display the company logo along with contact information and social media accounts. For companies looking to make their brand stand out from the rest, branded cutting boards are a great way to get noticed and create lasting impressions on customers or potential clients. With laser engraving technology making it easier than ever before to customise these products with detail, vivid colours and quality materials, branded cutting boards have become one of the hottest trends in promotional marketing today.

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