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Read our blogs to get to know more about our range of products. Let us share our knowledge of promotional goods with you and read all about our team and the adventures we experience with each other and our customers.

Looper's Journey: Elevating Wholesale E-Commerce Through Core Values

For over two decades, Looper has carved a niche for itself as a leader in wholesale e-commerce. Based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, our company has grown to offer a wide array of premium products, each carefully tailored to meet the unique..

Maximize Your Marketing Impact with Color: Loopper's Expert Guide 🌈

In the fast-paced world of marketing, colors are more than just decorative elements; they are powerful tools for connection and persuasion. At Loopper, we excel in tapping into this potential to enhance your brand's visibility. Want to know..

Pad Print

Discover Pad Printing with us today! For the pad printing technique, we use silicone stamps to print the logo or picture on the item. This technique allows us to achieve a detailed sharp finish including the perfect..

Digital Print

Discover digital printing with us today! ✅   Digital printing is a technique that uses computer data in a continuous stream directly from the computer to the printing machine. Many..

360° Laser Engraving

Do you know laser engraving? It is an innovant printing technology that consists in passing a laser on the material to create visible marks on the treated surface and thus personalize a product.    Many materials can..

Printing techniques explained

What do pad printing, screen printing and sublimation all have in common? They are a few of the printing techniques that we use here at Loopper. We know that all these techniques can be quite overwhelming, so we designed this guide to take a..

The IMPACT range

With sustainability becoming more and more important with every passing year, businesses from every sector are playing into this shift. They are sincerely improving their activities for the better of the environment, or they are doing..
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What do our clients say?
Even though it was much back and forth, I received an und..
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Even though it was much back and forth, I received an understanding and helpful service. The product was fast delivered and no fuzz!
I had very good customer service in relation to this orde..
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I had very good customer service in relation to this order. They followed up with me immediately and provided the product on-time and exactly the way I had ordered it.
Easy to deal with, great prices and great service
Michael Vaughan
Highly recommended. Very quick turnaround. Would definite..
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Highly recommended. Very quick turnaround. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Mockup Free digital design Within 1 hour!
We pride ourselves in a fast but qualitive service without exception. Within 1 hour of your offer request or order, we will provide you with a free digital mock-up without any strings attached. This way we make sure to have a good start to making that deadline!
Custom made Custom
Create your own product!
We go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. We offer over 6000 products that you can make your own. Looking for that special product? We have our own creative department that custom designs your idea. You name it, we produce it!
Experience 22 years of experience Give us a challenge!
With 22 years of experience we have learned that human contact and knowledge about our products is key to what we do. We distinguish ourselves by always making sure that there is someone allocated to your project that will think along with you to get the best results.