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Working from home is one of the most popular things that helps limit the spread of the coronavirus, as it greatly reduces human interaction while (hopefully) not affecting the day-to-day operations of businesses all that much. If working from home is implemented by your business, we have a great selection for you: gifts that can be home-delivered! That way, no large group gatherings are needed to hand out your gifts.
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Corporate gifts with at-home delivery 

If you want to offer Christmas gifts to your employees or clients this season, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of re-sending gifts yourself or have people gather in one place to collect the gifts, we have the solution for you. Corporate gifts with at-home delivery is what you need; have products branded with your logo delivered to individual addresses directly! And of course, this can also be done outside of the Christmas season.  

How to choose the product you want home delivered? 

Ranging from wholesale notebooks to water bottles in bulk, a wide range of products are available for home delivery. All of them can be branded with your logo and can be delivered to individual homes, so how do you choose what you want to give? One of the first things you should consider is the budget you have. If you have more money to spend, you could think of giving a branded wine set or a premium umbrella. If you are tight on budget, consider a simple beanie or a nice water bottle. Once you have decided what range of budget you are in, you should then look at what you want to offer your client or employee. Do you want to gift them a practical item that will be used a lot, like an A5 notebook, or a more unique gift that they will not receive as often, like a warm blanket? There is bound to be something that meets your needs.  

Special Service 

However, since the at-home delivery is a special service, an individual and custom quote is needed from one of our account managers. Contact us at +44(0)20-35145520 or send an e-mail to, our account managers are more than happy to help you with your request or any other questions you may have.

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