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About us

We are Loopper

Loopper is a brand-new e-commerce company with established roots in premium wholesale products spanning nearly twenty years. As an international company, we have partners and clients from all over the world and provide wholesale promotional products ranging from flash drives to accessories. What sets Loopper apart from other wholesale e-commerce companies is our ability to provide high quality and premium goods with excellent customization based on our client’s needs. What makes us a driving force is our dedication to clients and our team. Positivity and ambition is at the core of the Loopper family and as a client you will feel this when you get in contact with our customer service agents.

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A brief history

At Loopper we specialize ourselves in promotional products for every occasion or purpose. Whether you are looking for giveaways or promotional products to increase your brand awareness, we are here to help you. Loopper finds it roots with our mother company Incentive Europe premiums & concept. The company was founded in 2002 and its primary focus is the production of USB-sticks and custom made (premium) products from our factory in China.

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Our special projects

Loopper is a jack of many trades when it comes to products. We are widely known for branding promotional products, giveaways and business gifts, but we also develop and produce brand new premium products and merchandise. Name it. We can produce it.

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Grolsch special projects
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Customer service is paramount to everything we do at Loopper. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we! If you have concerns about your pending order or delivery, we are here to help you. Our standards are high when it comes to providing the best quality promotional goods on the market, so your experience as our client is important to us. Therefore, we provide several options to get in touch with customer service agents if you are having trouble with your purchase and/or logo.

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