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Branded gifts for in the kitchen with logo

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Kitchen Giveaways

Looking for a good gift to match your customers' purchases? Kitchen gadgets are always very popular items. Here you can find the different culinary items available on Loopper, from aprons to cutting boards, from knife sets to wine gadgets. Like all Loopper products, also these kitchen gadgets can be branded with your logo, slogan or message, making them unique and highly recognizable, ready to advertise and increase the visibility of your brand. You can order them in large or small quantities depending on the type of item. Take a look at our assortment and place your order. In case of doubts or special requests do not hesitate to contact us. Our Account Managers will be ready to assist you at their best.

Custom Kitchen Cutting Board

An item that every kitchen must be equipped with is a cutting board. Whether you have to cut vegetables, cheese or pizza, you certainly have a couple of chopping boards at home, just in case you need them. So why don’t you present your customers with a nice cutting board, maybe branded with your logo or message on it? It will advertise your brand and it certainly won't be forgotten very soon. Instead, if you need to give a nice pro look to your restaurant’s kitchen, there is nothing better than having your diner’s logo or name printed or, even better, engraved on your cutting boards! Take a look at our vast catalogue and you will certainly find the perfect cutting board for your needs! We also have a selection only for wholesale cheese boards!

Custom Printed Aprons

Are you organizing a cooking class and would like to gift the students with something unique? Or maybe you need a new supply of aprons for you restaurant? Don't have to look any further! In our dedicated page you will find different kind of apron models, in different materials and colors. They can all be customized with your name, logo or message. Order them now to receive a free digital preview of how your custom printed aprons will look like.

Digital Mockup Of Branded Kitchen goods

In order to ensure that our customers will receive the products exactly as they wished them to be, every time we get a request or order, we send out a free digital mockup of the branded kitchen giveaways. By doing so, the client can get a look at how the product will turn out and decide if changes are necessary.

Kitchen Giveaways’ Delivery

If you are dealing with a tight deadline, or prefer a fast delivery, please let us know. Otherwise standard delivery times apply. At Loopper we always go to great lengths to make sure your order is delivered in the right timeframe.