Personalized straw bags

If your company would like to give away something luxurious to clients or relations but would also like to send a message that you consider sustainability important, then choose straw bags personalized by Loopper. Straw is a 100% vegetable product, and the raw material is completely renewable. Therefore, the production of straw bags has a very small CO2 footprint. Would you like to know more about which sustainable products we have? Or do you want to order personalized straw bags? Then contact one of our account managers!
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Bag | Straw and cotton | Eco
Bag | Straw and cotton | Eco
from 50 pieces
Thursday 15 August 2024
4,66 per piece
All-in for 250 pieces
Ordered today, delivered in 20 workdays

Custom straw bags

If you are going to order custom straw bags, it is important that your company name or logo looks as elegant as the bag itself. It is therefore good to know that straw bags are best suited for laser engraving. Keep this in mind when choosing a print. Since we at Loopper know that it's hard to know exactly what this means, and how to take it into account, we always have a team of experts available to help you through the printing and ordering process. You can reach them by phone every workday between 9 and 5.

Branded straw bags

If you want to order products printed and personalized, people often think that they must order a very large quantity. This is the case with many websites, and this can be annoying for small entrepreneurs who don't need a lot of products. At Loopper, you can therefore order branded straw bags from as little as 25 pieces. The small entrepreneur is not unnecessarily burdened with high costs and can order only what he or she really needs.

Printed straw bags

Straw bags have been very popular for taking to the beach. The great thing is that in recent years, you see the straw bag more often on the street. It really has become a fashionable item. That is why printed straw bags are ideal for advertising your company. People will use the bag to go shopping and as a result, will be able to show your company name to the larger shopping public.

Straw bags with logo

If you want to get straw bags with logo from Loopper, you can choose from many different options made from wicker. For example, we have luxury picnic baskets, beach bags and even bags that can also be used as beach mats!  All these products have different sizes and therefore different print surfaces. So, when choosing a bag, don't just look at which one you like best based on functionality, but also how it can be printed with your logo or company name.

Wholesale straw bags

On the other hand, if you would like to buy a large quantity of straw bags and resell them through your own channels, Loopper has you covered. Since we have experience with the large-scale purchasing of all kinds of products, especially from Asia, we can also be of service to you. If you are looking for wholesale straw bags, the best thing to do is to give our sales team a call. Together, we can plan how you can buy as many straw bags as you need, as cheaply as possible.

Promotional straw bags

When you print promotional straw bags, you are not only giving away a trendy fashion item to your customers or business relations, but you are also doing your part for a better climate. Since straw is a 100% vegetable material, the production and printing of the bag uses a lot fewer fossil fuels. This ensures that the CO2 footprint that we jointly leave behind is a lot smaller than the production of old-fashioned plastic bags from the supermarket.