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Personalised shoulder bags

Are you on the go all day with a bag that you constantly have to put items in and out of? Then a shoulder bag might be your best option. Since the shoulder bag hangs on the side of your body, you can easily access all your belongings, which is ideal if you often need to get to your passport or wallet. So, personalised shoulder bags ensure that your company name will be seen often, wherever you may go. Curious how to get them printed? Ask one of our account managers!
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Custom shoulder bags

Some of the pros of using a shoulder bag include; they can be swiftly swung forward to quickly access something or pushed back and out of the way with little effort. This also makes it a great choice for public transportation, due to the fact that you can easily keep an eye on your stuff, all while taking up less space. In addition, custom shoulder bags do not strain your shoulders or back muscles like other backpacks. Due to their level of comfort, the recipients will use them more often, therefore making shoulder bags customised with your logo an amazing choice for business gifts.

Branded shoulder bags

Branded shoulder bags are great for when you only need to carry a few items around. They are perfect for everyday use and fast paced lifestyles, which makes them an amazing canvas for your company logo or slogan. Shoulder bags have always been in fashion and will continue to be for years to come. They have a certain charm to them that other bags can’t compete with. Do your employees often go to meetings with potential clients? First impressions matter, so why not impress them with a shoulder bag branded with your logo? Not only will the potential clients have you brand engrained in their brain after the meeting, but your company will get a few extra points under professionalism in their book.

Printed shoulder bags

Whereas in the past, shoulder bags were mainly perceived as practical, today they are especially popular as a fashion accessory. Therefore, if you give away printed shoulder bags as a business gift or promotional item, the people who receive them will wear them often. Since shoulder bags have become an indispensable part of trendy fashion, this is the perfect way to advertise your company.

Shoulder bags with logo

If you want to have promotional materials made that will be used often by people on a daily basis to therefore increase the awareness of your company, then shoulder bags with logo are a fantastic choice. Since shoulder bags are the perfect size to bring with you everywhere you go, people will also use it every day. You can easily store all your belongings that you need to bring to the office or gym. With Loopper, you can easily have your logo or company name printed on shoulder bags.

Wholesale shoulder bags

Are you looking for a product to sell in your web shop that attracts a wide audience? Wholesale shoulder bags may be the answer. Everybody likes a good shoulder bag, so who is to say people won’t buy yours? With Loopper, you can purchase personalised shoulder bags wholesale, and resell them on your website. Loopper makes obtaining shoulder bag merchandise easy and affordable. Don’t believe us? Give us a call to explain your project to us, and we will show you just how simple and cheap it is!

Promotional shoulder bags

Shoulder bags don’t have to be limited to carrying office supplies. You can even do your grocery shopping with one. Do you own a shop or grocery store, and want to provide your customers with a bag in which they can transport their purchased goods home? Promotional shoulder bags are the perfect option. Not only will your customers be pleased with the comfort of these bags, but they will effectively be promoting your business to others outside of the store. Shoulder bags for promotional use are a cost-effective marketing strategy that any business should think about. Give us a call to learn more or for more tips on how you can market your business with Loopper!

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