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Personalised towels

Are you looking for a corporate gift? Then get personalised towels! Personalised towels are an excellent business gift for several reasons. First of all, a towel is very practical. A towel can be used after showering, washing hands, playing sports and drying certain surfaces. In addition, towels are fairly inexpensive. Finally, towels personalised with your logo are great promotional tools! Choose a text, logo or other image for the towel. Their large surface area means that your logo or design will attract the attention of whomever sees them. Take a look at our assortment below, and get towels personalised by Loopper!
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Custom towels 

Loopper's team works internationally. We are currently able to help many of our customers in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. We want the best for our customers and are therefore happy to adapt. The team consists of different employees of various backgrounds. These differences are enormously useful within the company, as they ensure that all possibilities and angles are considered. What makes us unique is the enormous variety of possibilities in terms of production, just like with our custom towels. As a customer, you notice that you are dealing with highly motivated people. Together with you, we will create the best custom towels you’ve ever seen.  

Branded towels 

A towel is nice, but branded towels make the business gift a lot more personal. The personality shows that time and effort has been put into the business gift. You will receive appreciation in return. You can choose how you want your towels to branded. A branded towel with a photo sometimes says more than a towel with text. However, text is appropriate for special occasions. Think of an anniversary or other holidays during the year. By getting towels branded, you provide a reflection of your company. The branded towels can be taken to the gym or swimming pool. In this case, choose personalised premium towels. These are nice and large and easy to take with you, and will result in brand awareness for your company. 

Printed towels 

Printed towels are an excellent business gift; there is no doubt about that. They are handy and can be beautifully printed with a message from your company. The new trend for business gifts is a package. You can choose to add printed towels to a gift package. Let your employees, clients and other business associates enjoy a beautiful towel printed with your logo. Towels with print are ideal not only for the summer months at the beach, but also for the other months of the year. After all, you can shower and exercise all year round. You don't have to think about the time you are going to give the business gift. With summer business gifts, you have to give them away during a certain period. But that is not the case with towels. Choose to have towels printed, and you can provide everyone around you with a wonderful business gift all year round.  

Towels with logo 

By using towels with logo as a business gift, you show appreciation to customers, staff or other business relations. As with any other business gift, there are a number of things to consider. You obviously want the gift to be received in good order. In addition, you also want the gift to be appreciated. A useful business gift like towels with logo are bound to be used. It is a business gift, so think about the relationship with the customer here. In addition, it is useful to think about the size of towel printing. If you are going to print a large logo on the towels, it might also be useful to choose a larger towel. If you like to keep the budget low, but want to show sufficient appreciation, you can opt for cheap personalised towels. Finally, we think it is important to pay sufficient attention to your business relations. A personal note for each client, on each towel, rather than towels with your company logo, are greatly appreciated in a gift. Spend enough time on the business gift and you will get even more appreciation. 

Wholesale towels 

We are always looking for the best suppliers with the highest quality towels, at the lowest prices. Whether you need personalised towels fast delivery or larger quantities, we can help you! We have over twenty years of experience with wholesale towels and providing wholesale towels in bulk. The customer is central. You can discuss all your wishes and details with us, and together, we will look for a suitable solution for your towel printing. You won’t find better deals on wholesale towels than here at Loopper. If the customer is satisfied, so are we. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering in bulk or personalised towels small quantity. We treat each customer with the same amount of importance. Check our customer reviews on the website to get an insight into the customer experience. The fun can begin: handing out the business gifts! 

Promotional towels 

When placing an order, you first choose the product. You can choose from a wide range of promotional towels here at Loopper. When you have chosen a type of towel, you can continue to choose the desired colour and appropriate printing options. Then you can start placing your promotional towel order. If you click the 'order now' button, the item will end up in your shopping basket. You can continue placing your order or take a look around the shop. In the first step, only enter your e-mail address. In the second step, you fill in the remaining details. Here is where you can upload your logo or design. Before you continue with your order, we advise you to go through everything again. Are you satisfied with everything? When we receive your order, we will start working on a sample of your towels for promotional use as soon as possible. After your approval, we will start production. Everything takes place in consultation with you, the customer.

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5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended
C Santos
The products are good but what really makes me impressed ..
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The products are good but what really makes me impressed with Looper is the customer support. They are efficient, honest with the conditions of benefit of each product and very fast at searching solutions. My special thanks to Jessica van Kuik. C.S.
Tom, Byte B.V.
4 stars: good service, well treated

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