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Customised premium chargers 

Would you like to surprise your customers, prospects, partners and employees with personalised premium chargers? Loopper offers you a wide range of personalisation solutions, thanks to our different printing processes. You can choose the look of your personalised premium chargers according to the material and your preferences! By ordering customised premium chargers, you can expect them to be used frequently and to last for years to come. With this in mind, it is advisable to make your design, logo or brand name very clear on the custom premium charger. Our design experts will take care of this. After all, we aim for durability as well as quality. A perfect way to promote your brand, so request a free quote and digital design now!
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High-end personalized charger 

When you place your order on Loopper, you will first have to choose the item of your choice. Do you want to order high-end personalized chargers or more common goodies and accessories? It's up to you to decide. Once you've made your choice, you'll need to decide on the number of chargers you want to customize, taking into account the minimum number of pieces per order, which varies. All you have to do is select the color(s) you are interested in, add the image(s) of the design(s), logo(s) or photo(s) as well as the text to be printed as an attachment. You can then directly place an order by clicking on the designated button, or you can contact us to send us the details of the custom high end charger you are going to order. Our team will then advise you on the best location for your text. The color, size and font are also customizable. 

Charger advertising object  

You have certainly witnessed the numerous chargers sold as advertising objects thanks to their personalization. This marketing trend is far from being a temporary buzz, but is on the contrary a proven sales and promotion technique. By personalizing chargers and accessories with your brand name or logo, you create goodies that can be resold as well as given away for free. When selling these chargers, you must either take advantage of word of mouth, your existing reputation, or put forward imperative needs in order to convince. On the other hand, if your company is not yet well known, you can also make the gesture of offering your new custom-made objects. The benefits include targeting new customers, retaining your customers or former prospects, promoting your brand and a positive image. Enough to convince many!

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