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Personalised premium cotton bags 

According to some, the Egyptians were the first to use cotton 14,000 years ago. Nowadays, cotton is still popular and, partly due to the ban on free plastic bags, is only becoming more so. The impact on the environment is extremely important, but a bag also has to look good. That's why at Loopper, you can get personalised premium cotton bags. For example, we have bags made of organic cotton and cotton canvas. They can all be printed with your logo or company name. To make sure your bags look exactly the way you want, we always send you a digital sample before we start production. Are you curious about how your bags will look? Contact us and request a digital sample today!

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Custom premium cotton bags 

If you want to order custom premium cotton bags as business gifts, this is an excellent choice. Personalised cotton bags are not only great for the climate, but they have also become a true fashion accessory in recent years. It is precisely because of this that they are extremely suitable to be printed with your logo or company name. You can be sure that people will use them often and thus increase the awareness of your company!

Branded luxury cotton bags 

In the category of branded luxury cotton bags, you will find a wide range of different types of bags which are (of course) all made of cotton. You'll find shopping bags and tote bags, but also beach bags among others. Although these bags are called beach bags, this does not mean that you can only use them on the beach. Most of our bags can be used for multiple occasions, depending on their characteristics. This all depends on the properties of each bag. In order to offer as much variety as possible, these features are quite different. They can be supplied with short/long handles or with/without zippers. Look carefully at these features when you order the bags. If you still can't quite work it out, it's best to give us a call. You can always reach us during office hours!

Printed premium cotton bags 

If you want your printed premium cotton bags to be elegant, we can arrange this for you. It is important that you choose a bag that you find beautiful and special. To make this easier, we have collected all premium bags here. You'll find bags that are fully printed in different colours as well as bags with handles that are available in multiple colours; all the features that contribute to the luxurious look of the product you want to order.

Premium wholesale cotton bags 

If you own a shop and are looking to sell bags to your customers, then look no further! At Loopper, we have a strong relationship with our suppliers, and due to this, we get the best deals on premium wholesale cotton bags. So, if you’re in the market for premium cotton bags in bulk, Loopper has got your back! Give us a call and we can discuss the details.

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