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Personalised pens small quantity

With Loopper, you can have your logo, slogan or company name printed on many different pens. In our more luxurious segment, which includes Waterman and Charles Dickens, you can have pens personalised for 5 pieces. In our personalised pens small quantity category, which is more suitable for giving pens away at fairs and events, you can have your company name printed on pens from as little as 20 pieces. So, in both categories, Loopper is the right place for pens in small quantities. Do you need advice on which type of pens suit your company image best and what the minimum print run is? Scroll down to see the details per product or call us and ask one of our experts!
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Custom pens small quantity 

If you want to order promotional materials or business gifts but do not yet know what will work for your company and what will not, you can choose to order a small number first to see if a certain product catches on. Custom pens small quantity are extremely suitable for this. There are always products available in different materials and in small minimum quantities that can also be printed at a low price. In this category you will find pens made of rPET, plastic and ABS, among others. With Loopper, there is always a pen that will fit your business strategy!

Branded pens low quantity 

If you are organising a small event and would like to give everyone something small after the event or upon entry, you can arrange this with Loopper! If people are expected to take notes during your small-scale event, you could choose to order pens printed from as little as ten pieces. By ordering branded pens low quantity, you can give people something unique at each of your events without having to worry about having a stockpile each time. Besides being beneficial for your wallet, you also waste less fossil fuels. That’s a win-win in our book! We always have at least five options available with a minimum quantity of ten pieces. You can easily order them online, but if you need help, just give us a call. We can then go through the entire process together!

Printed pens small quantity 

If you, like Loopper, care about the environment and climate, you also want to be sustainable when it comes to ordering promotional materials. Wheat straw is one of the most popular materials nowadays when it comes to sustainably produced pens. Since no fossil fuels are used in its production, the impact on the climate is minimal. At Loopper, you can also have these pens ordered and printed in small quantities, so you will never have unwanted left-over stock. If you need any other tips or advice about printed pens small quantity, just send us an email. We will always respond during office hours!

Promotional pens small quantity 

Want to test the waters with different pens? Or maybe you have multiple designs for your logo, and are not sure which will resonate the most with your target group. Then promotional pens small quantity is the right choice for you. You can get a small run of pens printed just to see how your customers or partners react. It is a great method to test out different designs, or even different pens! Call us today if you would like to know more about how you can test your brand.

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