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Personalised medium-sized paper bags

Whether you’re looking for promotional merchandise, retail packaging or even corporate gifting, personalised medium-sized paper bags can provide the perfect way to make a gift more memorable. With their unique size and strength, these bags can be used to hold heavier items such as books, clothing or even branded products - giving them extra visibility at events, conferences and more. Plus, the customisable options mean that companies can include their own logo and branding on the bag, giving it an extra layer of professionalism and distinction. With personalised medium-sized paper bags, businesses have the chance to create something truly unique and memorable that will leave an impact on customers.
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Custom medium-sized paper bags 

You want to make sure that your company's branding is prominently featured on the bag. A logo or slogan can help ensure that your custom medium-sized paper bags stand out from others and reflect the message you want to project. The size of bag should also be just right - neither too large nor too small - depending on what customers may choose to put in them when they've taken them home. Finally, it's important to consider sustainability when selecting paper bags for gift giving. Recycled paper bags are an excellent choice, as they are eco-friendly and minimise waste production, while still providing a stylish look. It is also important to consider the quality of the items you plan on gifting inside of the custom medium-sized paper bags. Customised medium-sized paper bags often symbolise sophistication and quality—so make sure that the items inside match this level of attention to detail. 

Branded medium-sized paper bags 

The modern corporate gifting environment is rapidly changing. Companies are recognizing the need to find unique and effective ways to thank customers and reward employees, while still staying within their budget. Branded medium-sized paper bags are quickly emerging as one of the most popular forms packaging corporate gifts. These bags provide a simple yet powerful way to promote a company’s brand while offering a practical solution to carrying items. Furthermore, the reusable nature of these bags makes them an eco-friendly choice that is sure to be appreciated by employees and customers alike. Branded medium-sized paper bags also present cost savings for companies, as they often cost less than other types of gift bags. Overall, getting medium-sized paper bags branded is an excellent option for companies that want a nice bag for their corporate gifts or rewards. By providing practicality, affordability, and eco-friendliness all in one package, company branded medium-sized bags from Loopper have become some of the hottest selling bags of 2023.

Printed medium-sized paper bags 

Loopper is a leading provider of printed medium-sized paper bags. We provide innovative, custom-designed solutions to companies and company owners who want to present their corporate identity and branding to other businesses or personal relations. Our bags are designed with the latest technologies and printing techniques, allowing us to deliver high-quality, long-lasting printed medium-sized paper bags that feature sharp details. Presentation is extremely important when it comes to representing your brand in front of others. That’s why our medium-sized paper bags with print come in unique styles that help your logo stand out from the crowd. Their medium size is tailored for larger items such as books, promotional products, or clothing so you can deliver an impressive gift package without breaking the bank. Our goal is to help you give other companies or business relations a great first impression by providing premium quality medium-sized paper bags printed with their logos at competitive prices. With Loopper’s wide selection of designs and features, you can be sure that your logo and branding will look fantastic no matter what type of product you’re giving away! 

Medium-sized paper bags with logo 

Having custom medium-sized paper bags with logo and branding is a great way to promote your business and spread the word about your company. Not only does it show that you care about the presentation of what you have to offer, but it also creates a professional impression on whoever receives it. This can be especially important when ordering for other companies, business relations or staff/colleagues, as having good-looking packages gives off an aura of quality and reliability. Aside from creating positive impressions, medium-sized paper bags with logo printing also present functionality benefits. They are strong enough to carry heavier objects such as promotional materials or product samples, while also being light in weight and easy to store. Moreover, they come in different sizes and shapes that allow them to fit various items. As such, they can be conveniently used for all kinds of presentations or deliveries within and outside of the office premises. With Loopper, you can make sure that your products stand out from the rest by making sure that their packaging looks just as good as the products themselves! 

Wholesale medium-sized paper bags 

Ordering wholesale medium-sized paper bags and offering them to customers is also beneficial for businesses. These bags are an elegant and stylish way to carry purchases home safely, while also providing customers with an environmentally friendly option when they shop. Customers are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gesture as it not only shows thoughtfulness for the customer, but it speaks volumes about your company’s commitment to sustainability. Overall, ordering wholesale medium-sized paper bags in bulk offers numerous benefits for companies and their customers alike. By choosing these paper bags over single item orders or plastic carryout options, businesses can save money, reduce waste, and make the shopping experience more enjoyable for their customers - all while helping protect the environment. As an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or other materials, they decompose much faster and do not pollute the environment like conventional packaging materials. Our wholesale medium-sized paper bags also provide safety benefits when used to store food items as they are less likely to break. Overall, ordering medium-sized paper bags wholesale is cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly—making it a great choice for companies looking to offer customers high-quality packaging solutions while maintaining competitive prices. 

Promotional medium-sized paper bags 

Not only do these bags offer an aesthetically pleasing option for carrying food, but they also act as a subtle form of advertising that can be seen by everyone in the restaurant. The final result of using such promotional medium-sized paper bags is twofold. First, it gives customers a way to take home their favourite dishes with ease and convenience. Second, it increases brand awareness and recognition in the local area, which helps to boost customer loyalty and sales. Many restaurants have reported that using promotional medium-sized paper bags has helped them increase their overall business revenue by as much as 10%. When properly designed, these paper bags can look stylish while still being functional. They come in a variety of colours and styles, allowing restaurants to choose one that best fits their branding goals. Additionally, thanks to Loopper, restaurants can customise their medium-sized bags for promotional use with logos or other designs to further promote their brand identity. Medium-sized paper bag promotional items are not only practical but also cost effective. With low production costs and high durability, these bags are great long-term investments for any restaurant looking to get the most out of its marketing budget.

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