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Personalised flip-flops 

Is summer approaching and are you looking for a suitable business gift? Then get personalised flip-flop! Personalised flip-flops may not be a formal gift, but a corporate gift that can certainly be used outside of work. The whole idea of a corporate gift is that people can use it in their free time. Flip-flops can be taken out on sunny holidays to the beach. This could be in the Netherlands, but you might also create brand awareness at the beaches in France and Spain. Personalised flip-flops can also be worn to the gym! Look around and you will see that many companies promote by means of a lighter or beer opener. These are certainly nice business gifts, but not unique. By getting flip-flops personalised, you will be able to hand out a unique business gift.

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Custom flip-flops 

If you are looking for a personalised corporate gift, it is high time to get acquainted with Loopper. Loopper is the perfect place to go for custom flip-flops. Our attention to all our customers is paramount, which is why every corporate client has their very own project manager. Consider fun colours and patterns that coordinate with your company's branding when you are getting custom flip-flops. You can also consider adding features such as logos and messages to create an even more personalised touch. Make sure you have enough pairs in stock so you can fulfil handing them out to everyone without having to wait for restocking delays. Being able to honour requests promptly will make a positive impression on your partners or staff members. Gifting customised flip-flops requires attention to detail in order to achieve maximum impact. With the right design, materials, quality, comfort, and availability, you’ll ensure your recipients feel appreciated while keeping your business relationships strong! 

Branded flip-flops 

Congratulations, you have made a choice for your corporate gift. You have decided to go with branded flip-flops. Now it is time to get it customised with your branding. The choice is entirely in your hands. We recommend choosing branded flip-flops that you like and that suit your target group. You are completely free to choose your own colour combinations, logo, texts or photos. Flip-flop printing is a convenient way to promote your business. It is useful to choose the colours of your organisation. This way, from a distance, everyone can tell whose flip-flops they are. Flip-flops are a staple in any summer wardrobe and are now more popular than ever. Companies both large and small are looking to get their flip-flops branded, taking advantage of the product’s broad appeal. Getting flip-flops branded is very easy with Loopper, so go for a unique and fun business gift and choose company branded flip-flops!

Printed flip-flops 

Printed flip-flops can be worn all year round. In the summer months, of course, printed flip-flops are more prominent as they are ideal for going to the beach. The sand combined with the water on your feet is not so pleasant in normal shoes. Flip-flops on the other hand are marvellous! Not to mention, Flip-flops can be easily cleaned. Flip-flops with print is not only a perfect business gift during summer vacation, but also for at home. In winter, the floor often feels a bit cold. Flip-flops can prevent you from coming into contact with the cold floors in your home. And since your logo is displayed prominently on these flip-flops, who are your recipients going to think of and thank? You, of course. And who are you going to thank for having these flip-flops printed with your logo? Loopper! We believe that flip flops are a great way for companies to show appreciation to their business relations while making sure they stand out from rivals. Order your printed flip-flops in bulk today and let us help you make a statement! 

Flip-flops with logo 

The more attention you pay to the gift, the more the relation will appreciate it. Flip-flops with logo printing is possible at Loopper, so don’t overlook it! With a unique text or color combination, you can create unique flip-flops with logo printing. They are absolutely not just an ordinary business gift. It is important that a business gift suits the company, but it is also important that the flip-flop actually fits in terms of size. To be sure that you have the correct sizes, you should ask your intended recipients for their shoe size before placing an order. The surprise will be partly spoiled, but that's okay. At least you know that everyone will receive the right sized flip-flops with your logo. As a business, it’s important to be mindful of how your company is perceived. Whether it’s a small startup or an established organisation, the way you present yourself to customers and other businesses reflects on your brand. One great way to show that you care about your reputation and the people you collaborate with is by providing them corporate gifts made with Loopper. 

Wholesale flip-flops 

As you may know, customers are our top priority. Customers create their own designs, so often we need to meet customer needs quickly and accurately. The customer submits the design and at Loopper, we get to work on the print. We want to achieve a perfect result together. Wholesale flip-flops provide significant branding opportunities for companies and their owners. At Loopper you have a vast number of customisation options, such as adding logos or text to each pair which helps to establish brand recognition and enhance customer loyalty. Wholesale flip-flops also give companies the chance to offer special promotions and discounts, helping to draw in potential customers and increase sales. Ordering wholesale flip-flops in bulk offers numerous advantages both financially and from a marketing perspective. Companies and company owners who take advantage of these benefits can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace while also saving money on their flip-flop merchandise purchases. 

Promotional flip-flops 

The soles provide excellent traction on surfaces and ensures that your customers don’t slip while taking a leisurely stroll, making them safe in addition to fun. You can even hand them out at the beach to promote your local restaurant or business. Not only are promotional flip-flops great for giving away at the beach or spa; they're also perfect for hotels as well! A branded pair of promotional flip-flops provides guests with something special to take home after their stay - a memory of their experience at your hotel that will last long after their vacation has ended. Whether you’re looking to promote your business at the beach or add some extra flair to your hotel employees and guests, flip-flops for promotional use are the perfect way to do it. With stylish designs and quality construction, these shoes will show customers just how much you care about them - all while promoting your brand in an exciting and unique way!

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