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Cheap personalised backpacks

A backpack is something many people use every day. It's handy for transporting your possessions and a great backpack can prevent back problems. However, great backpacks don't have to be expensive; at Loopper, cheap personalised backpacks are our specialty! You can print them from as little as 1.15 euros each. By making smart purchases, we at Loopper are always able to offer great discounts on some of our products. Want to know what's currently on sale? Scroll down or contact one of our staff members.
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Cheap custom backpacks

Would you like personalised backpacks with a slogan, but are on a small budget? Then choose one of our cheap custom backpacks. If you want to get text printed on a backpack, it's important that you look at the printing surface. You can find it on the right side of the order menu, under "Printing position." If you are not sure whether the printing surface is large enough for what you have in mind, please contact us. We will send you a digital example as soon as possible.

Branded backpacks low cost

Are you organising a large event, and would like to give all visitors several promotional gifts? Then put all these promotional materials together in a handy backpack with your logo on it. This way, visitors can not only carry their things easily, but you will also advertise your event in a simple and inexpensive way. Not only on the day of the event itself, but even afterwards! Due to their usefulness, branded backpacks low cost will be used often by many visitors.

Cheap printed backpacks

If you have a small budget but want to order business gifts that can make a difference, go and get cheap printed backpacks from Loopper. Since backpacks are used daily by everyone, and have a large print area, this is an ideal and inexpensive way to advertise in many public places. From now on, your company name will be seen on the train, bus, metro and tram, without you having to pay sky-high prices for advertisements.

Cheap backpacks with logo

If you want to print cheap backpacks with logo, you've come to the right place. We have been in this business for decades; so, we know not only the best but also the most affordable suppliers and printers. Thus, we can always offer you several backpacks for less than 2.00 euros each. This price already includes printing and delivery!

Cheap wholesale backpacks

If you are looking for cheap wholesale backpacks, no need to look any further. You can simply order them here. We have many different backpacks in our range, which can all be printed and ordered cheaply in bulk. You will find backpacks made of polyester, cotton and PVC, among others. They have all been carefully selected for the best quality material and the lowest prices.

Cheap promotional backpacks

Are you looking for a cheap and effective way to increase brand awareness for your company or event? Take a look at cheap promotional backpacks from Loopper. Backpacks have been a popular way to advertise for years. This is because they are inexpensive, and people can use them on a daily basis. The fact that a backpack has a large print area also makes it a popular marketing tool. There is plenty of room to print your logo or company name on the bag.

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