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Personalised protein shakers

Loopper offers a wide selection of personalised protein shakers. They come in various sizes as well as colours. The main purpose of a shaker cup is to mix up protein shakes. But they can also be used for other beverages, such as from juice or even iced coffee. The versatility of shakers makes them a great gift to give to your clients or business relations, because they will actually utilise the gift. This is also great for you, because it means that your logo or company name will be seen more often! Are you curious what a protein shaker personalised with your logo will look like? Request a digital sample from us free of charge!
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Custom protein shakers 

When it comes to the field promotional products, Loopper has been in the business for 20 years. It’s because of this experience that we can advise you on which custom protein shaker best suits your needs. For instance, it makes sense to have the lid of the shaker cup match the colour of your logo, as seen the product images above. This is why we offer so many options. Don’t see a specific colour that you would like? Contact us and we will try to find the perfect option for your protein shakers customised with your logo. We have connections to many suppliers!

Branded protein shakers 

Interested in getting protein shakers branded? You have come to the right place! Loopper gives companies and small business owners the ability to market themselves to the masses. Branded protein shakers help bring brand awareness to your company in places like gyms, cafeterias and the workplace. Trust us, we know what we are talking about. Loopper is the place to go to get your branded protein shakers online. If you need help choosing personalised sports bottles, do not hesitate to reach out. We have a team of experts ready to take your call Monday through Friday!

Printed protein shakers 

Our protein shakers represent the cutting edge of mixing devices. In a saturated market full of poor quality and poor functioning products, Loopper cuts through the noise! And you can cut through the noise too, with printed protein shakers. A no-nonsense product that lives up to its promise: a premium solution for the growing demands of health food and supplement-users. Don’t wait any longer. Show your customers and colleagues that you care by getting protein shakers printed with your company logo or slogan. Loopper makes it easy-peasy.

Protein shakers with logo  

Protein shakers with logo are one of the best ways for companies to promote their brand. They are an affordable and practical promotional item that can be given to customers, business relations or staff members. Ordering protein shakers with your company logo is easy and can be done online or over the phone. Simply select the protein shaker you want; upload the logo you want printed on it and provide your contact details. We will then provide you with a free digital sample and an offer. Once you approve and payment is received, we will begin production! Your protein shakers will be printed and delivered to you in no more than two weeks. If you have any questions about ordering protein shakers with logo printed, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Wholesale protein shakers 

If you're looking for a way to increase revenue at your gym, a great option is to resell wholesale protein shakers with your company logo. Not only will this give your members a convenient way to stay hydrated and get their daily protein intake, but it's also a great marketing opportunity for your gym. This can be a win-win situation for everyone involved! To get started, simply order wholesale protein shakers in bulk from Loopper. Then, set up a display in your gym and start selling them to your members. You can even give them away to members who have been there since the beginning, just as a way of saying thank you. Either way, this is a great way to boost revenue and offer your members a valuable service. Contact us today to learn more about Loopper’s protein shaker merchandise!

Promotional protein shakers 

Protein shakers from Loopper make it easy to mix up shakes or smoothies on the go, and are an essential tool for anyone who is serious about their fitness. Mixing up a shake at home can be a hassle, but with a protein shaker it's quick and easy. Just add your powder or supplements to the shaker, fill it up with water or milk, and give it a shake. In seconds you'll have a delicious and nutritious drink to power your workout. Promotional protein shakers are also a great way to promote your brand at fitness events or trade shows. Hand them out to potential customers and clients, and you're sure to get them talking. Protein shakers for promotional use can get your name out there and show people that you're serious about fitness. Order yours today!

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