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Personalised sports bottles

Sport is fantastic for our physical and mental health. Would you like to pass this on to your staff, or perhaps inspire your customers to exercise more? Then the personalised sports bottles from Loopper are the perfect business gift for you. You can personalise sports bottles with your logo, slogan or text. A healthy and fun way of thinking about your employees, business relations or customers. Loopper's assortment is large. You can choose from a wide range of sports bottles personalised with your brand as well as other water bottles. Sports bottles with a logo ensure that your company has some extra advertising in the gym, on the football field, or the tennis court. Do you need help in making the right choice? Then contact us and let us provide you with professional expert advice.
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Custom sports bottles

Are you and your company going to a trade fair and want to make sure that all your visitors stay hydrated? Then choose to give them a custom sports bottle. Customised sports bottles in bulk are not only a convenient gift for the recipient, but they also make sure that everyone at the fair sees your company name in an easy way. Depending on the type of fair you are going to, we can advise you on what kind of customised sports bottles would fit best. Are you going to a fair with many potential customers for instance? Then choose our personalised premium sports bottles. This way, you're certain that your company will leave a good impression on the visitors!

Branded sports bottles

Do you own a tennis school, for example? Would you like to increase your brand awareness? Then choose branded sports bottles from Loopper. Besides the fact that sports bottles branded with your logo are a good way to generate additional sales, you will also encourage your students to engage in sustainability. Company branded sports bottles will make sure that your students don't come to tennis lessons with a plastic bottle of water anymore, and that they bring their own water bottle! If you really want to be sustainable, you could opt for personalised ecological sports bottles. Do you want to hear more of our advice? Call us today!

Printed sports bottles

Drinking water is extremely important. Since approximately 60% of the human body consists of water, we should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. This is not easy for everyone. It's not because we don't want to, but because we simply forget. The printed sports bottles from Loopper can help. By giving sports bottles printed by Loopper as a gift to clients or relations, they will be reminded more often to drink water. Since they will be taking the sports bottle with print to the office or gym, your company name will be in front of a large group of people, some of whom may be potential new customers. You can easily order sports bottles with text or your company name at Loopper. Give us a call and we can find the best and cheapest solution together. In a hurry? Then take a look at personalised sports bottles fast delivery.

Sports bottles with logo

We all know that sports are healthy. Yet there are many who don't partake. Time for a change! By giving away sports bottles with logo to your clients, relations or employees, you will not only encourage them to exercise more, but you will also display that your company is health conscious. Giving away sports bottles with your logo as a business gift will also ensure that your company name or logo will be seen on the tennis court and in the gym. Sports bottles with logo printed by Loopper are inexpensive and can almost always be delivered within two weeks. Do you want cheap personalised sports bottles? Then contact one of our experts!

Wholesale sports bottles

Loopper has 20 years of experience in producing and printing all kinds of products. Through years of experience, we also know exactly what is popular on the market. For health reasons, many people nowadays choose BPA-free sports bottles for wholesale. Therefore, we have been working together with suppliers who can deliver the highest quality BPA-free wholesale sports bottles in bulk. Because we are in constant contact with our customers, we can always provide them with the latest trends. Are you curious about which wholesale sports bottles we can deliver quickly? Send us an e-mail today and we can discuss the options together.

Promotional sports bottles

Do you own a gym? Would you like to give new members a welcome gift? Or maybe you would like to give all your members a handy Christmas gift? Then choose promotional sports bottles from Loopper. Our entire range of sports bottles for promotional use can be printed according to your wishes, so that they are perfectly suited for any occasion. You can also choose to have the sports bottle merchandise printed with your own logo or company name to sell them in your own gym and increase awareness. Personalised protein shakers can be a good option if you want to give something useful to your gym clients. Want more advice? Then get in touch with our experts! They can provide you more details about promotional sports bottles from Loopper.

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The products are good but what really makes me impressed with Looper is the customer support. They are efficient, honest with the conditions of benefit of each product and very fast at searching solutions. My special thanks to Jessica van Kuik. C.S.

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