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Personalised alarm clocks 

We all need to wake up at a certain point to start our day and fulfil our duties. Without alarm clocks, we would be lost. Although nobody really goes out shopping to find themselves an alarm clock, as a business you could be taking it upon yourself to supply your employees or customers with personalised alarm clocks printed with your logo. We also offer cooking timers, ideal if you cook a lot. At Loopper, we always offer a free digital mock-up. This way, we ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, and your personalised alarm clocks look exactly how you had in mind.
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Custom alarm clocks 

Gifting custom alarm clocks to business relations can be a great way to show appreciation and make them feel valued. But when it comes to choosing the right alarm clock, there are several factors to take into account. First, consider your budget. Custom alarm clocks range in price from low-cost models to more expensive options with luxury features. Knowing how much you want to spend will help narrow your selection down quickly. Additionally, think about what type of clock you'd like to get. Digital or analogue? A traditional bedside option or something more modern? Should it have additional features such as snooze functions, dimming display light and radio capabilities? Also, consider the aesthetic of the customised alarm clock itself. It should perfectly match the decor inside the recipient's home or office. For example, if you're giving it as a corporate gift for an executive office then a sleek and stylish silver design would be ideal; if you're giving it to an employee who loves classic style then a vintage-inspired wooden model might be more fitting. When you take into account all these factors when selecting an alarm clock as a gift, then you’re sure to find something that meets both your needs and those of the recipient – they’re sure to love it! 

Branded alarms clocks 

Branding alarm clocks is an increasingly popular trend for companies and businesses seeking to raise their profile and promote their products or services. With advancements in technology, branding alarm clocks has become easier than ever before, allowing businesses to create memorable promotional items that will last for years. Branded alarm clocks can be used in a variety of ways to increase brand visibility and recognition. Businesses can use them as giveaways during trade shows or conferences, or they may give away branded alarm clocks with the purchase of a product or service. Branded alarm clocks are also useful promotional items used in corporate client gifts and employee rewards programs. When choosing an alarm clock to brand, businesses must consider their target audience and purpose; more spendthrift consumers may prefer higher-end models with extra features like Bluetooth connectivity, while those seeking an economically friendly option may opt for more basic designs. Furthermore, it’s important that the company logo is clearly visible for maximum impact.

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