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Personalised clocks 

Wall clocks have been and will always be, very popular. We cannot imagine not having a wall clock hanging in our office or at home. Even though we all have a watch or phone with us at all times, the ease of just looking to the wall to find the time will never go away. Personalised clocks can help your clients or your business with being on time or counting down the minutes till the end of the day. With every order and enquiry, we offer a free digital mock-up of your personalised clocks to make sure you receive exactly what you had in mind.
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Custom clocks 

Wall clocks come in a variety of styles and sizes, making them ideal for many office settings. Desk clocks are more personal, allowing recipients to keep track of time without having to glance at the wall. Beyond style, it’s important to consider the materials used in your custom clocks. Clocks made with high-quality materials will last longer and withstand regular everyday use better than those made from cheap materials. Wooden or metal frames give off a more traditional look, while mirrored surfaces create a modern aesthetic. Finally, think about how you would like the clock personalised for the receiver. Custom clocks make unique gifts that will bring joy and practicality all year round! Consider these factors when deciding on which design and features are right for your giftee – they’ll surely appreciate the thought behind such an amazing gift! Do you have any questions or need assistance with the ordering process? Get in touch with us! 

Branded clocks 

Clocks have long been a staple of corporate branding and promotional campaigns. Companies are now using their clock designs more than ever to give their message prominence and stay ahead of the competition. Branded clocks offer a range of advantages in terms of business promotion, due to their versatility and visual impact. They can be used as an eye-catching piece of office furniture, or given away as part of customer loyalty programs. With the right design, branded clocks can enhance your brand image and make a lasting impression on customers and prospects alike. The latest trends in company branded clock design make use of technology to create innovative solutions that stand out from the crowd. Smart clocks allow users to easily adjust settings such as time, date and temperature and allow them to enjoy additional features, like built-in radios. Can’t quite make a selection? We can help you with that. Just give us a call to discuss your project.

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