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Personalised lip balm sticks

Personalised lip balm sticks are a very commonly used promotional product. These affordable and very functional products are a great fit for every company. Help your future customers remember you daily while softening their lips. These personalised lip balm sticks are printable with your logo or slogan. Looking to really impress? We also offer lip balm sticks with a custom business card. With every order or enquiry, we offer a free digital sample. This way, you will receive exactly what you have in mind. So order or enquire today!

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Custom lip balm sticks 

People don't often think about it, but custom lip balm sticks are an advertising product that is always a huge success, no matter the season. Small, discreet, and useful, it is an item that customers never hesitate to take with them. They leave it in their pocket, or their purse, or even in the glove compartment of the car. Then, with the wind, the cold, the sun... the lips chafe, and suddenly they look for a Chapstick to relieve themselves. Of course, they don't have any in stock at the pharmacy. Then they remember the stick you gave them. That's it, they remembered you, and they rediscover your logo and business! But the benefits of the promotional custom lip balm sticks don't stop there. They hesitate for a while before using it, wondering whether a promotional product can really be good enough for their lips. Then they decide to use it, because they have nothing to lose anyway. And when they realize that the stick branded with your logo actually relieves their chapped lips, and they associate your name with a brand that keeps its promises and takes care of its customers. 

Branded lip balm sticks 

Our branded lip balm sticks have the same lifespan as the sticks sold in pharmacies. The quality of the components is similar, if not identical. They keep all their relieving properties for a minimum of six months and are perfectly usable for a year without any problem. Afterwards, they start to dry out and the components degrade, which means the product starts to lose its effectiveness. It can still be used, but its effects are less beneficial. Having said that, it keeps its marketing impact for a longer period of time. The most important thing for you is that your customer thinks of you when he or she is in need, and that they find your logo printed on the stick that can be found at the bottom of their bag. If the branded lip balm sticks aren’t as effective as they were, that doesn't change the fact that it's your brand that appears on the item they need.

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