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Personalised lanyards

Personalised lanyards are extremely suitable for business events. During an event, you will need to carry the ticket with you. This can be done using lanyards. Lanyards make it easy and quick, to show which organisation or company you belong to. In addition, you can also use personalised lanyards within the organisation. Do you want to split your staff members into two groups during a certain activity? Lanyards can be used for many things, and they are super helpful! You can find your keys quickly and easily with a personalised lanyard. In addition, lanyards personalised with your logo are ideal for your work ID. You will never lose your ID again, as lanyards are fairly eye-catching and large. Browse below and find the perfect lanyard to get personalised!
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Custom lanyards 

Custom lanyards are and remain great business gifts. At Loopper, we provide the most beautiful lanyards with your logo, name or slogan. The choice of custom lanyards is entirely in your hands: whether you are looking for personalised premium lanyards, or perhaps unique lanyards with card holders. The wishes of our customers are extremely important to us. You will be able to discuss all your wishes with us, down to the last detail. We will gladly provide your company with perfect customised lanyards. By getting lanyards customised at Loopper, you can turn them into a personal gift. Is the company almost 25 years old? Or is it almost Christmas? Choose a print suitable for the moment! 

Branded lanyards 

If you have placed an order, we will get to work as soon as possible. Branded lanyards attract more attention and ensure more promotion. It depends on the type of company you have. Do you have something to celebrate? Perhaps confetti dots could be incorporated on the branded lanyards. If you own a pet shop, you could add a particular animal print to the lanyards branded with your logo. All your employees can hang their ID badge on the lanyard. This way, their ID is always at hand, and will be hard to misplace. Give us a call and find out which lanyards are suitable for your company!  

Printed lanyards 

Companies will always be looking for a way to promote their business and discover new customers. Ideally, companies want to pay as little as possible for the largest promotion. Corporate gifts are an important part of promotion and bonding with clients. Printed lanyards are still widely given as gifts. Lanyards printed with your logo can easily and quickly be put inside a gift bag. Printed lanyards are comparatively very cheap. Just take a look at our cheap personalised lanyards section. The distinctiveness of a lanyard is visible everywhere. 

Lanyards with logo 

Lanyards with logo can be printed easily and quickly. The advantage of lanyards with logo is that they are very light. Would you like to provide everyone with a lanyard with your company logo? This can be done easily and quickly. We even offer personalised lanyards fast delivery. The lanyards are small and fit easily through the letterbox. Ideal right? Printed key cords are a great promotional tool. Although many people will not wear the key cords in their spare time, a key cord is reusable and therefore, a sustainable choice for the company. Through lanyards with logo, you can showcase that you are thinking about the environment. It is difficult to estimate how many key cords you may need. For a certain event, a number of visitors is often expected. You may be able to estimate on that basis, and if you are not expecting a lot of attendees, consider ordering personalised lanyards small quantity

Wholesale lanyards 

We know better than anyone how to deal with selling wholesale lanyards. At Loopper, we now have 20 years of experience selling various corporate gifts. The products are supplied by the best suppliers. We naturally want to provide high quality products to our customers, and the customer will always be our main focus. Production will only begin when the customer is satisfied with the free digital sample that we provide. You can rest assured that wholesale lanyards will be delivered to you in perfect condition. The right communication plays an important role in this fast delivery. Every print is unique, so every customer gets the utmost attention. 

Promotional lanyards 

You have found the perfect lanyards and you have an amazing design. Request a no-obligation quote for more information. Before you place an order, your will be provided with a digital print sample. Do you need any adjustments? Let us know and together, we will create perfect promotional lanyards. If you are satisfied with the design, then the order can be placed. The average delivery of promotional lanyards takes about two weeks. Printing lanyards for promotional use at Loopper is done carefully and with love. This way, we achieve a perfect result. The key cords will last a long time and can be used for multiple purposes. Place your order for lanyards promotional today!

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