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Personalised eco backpacks 

Our personalised eco backpacks are made with durable, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly materials that last for years. By using recycled materials for their construction, these personalised eco backpacks help reduce our carbon footprint, and in turn reducing yours. Whether they're being taken on a business trip or being used for everyday errands, these personalised sustainable backpacks will keep up with any lifestyle. And best of all, because these bags are made from recycled materials, your gift recipients can feel accomplished knowing they’re doing something great for the environment. Do you want to see what eco backpacks personalised with your logo will look like? Get a free digital mock-up with an hour by requesting an offer or simply giving us a call!

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Custom eco backpacks 

Loopper offers customisation options such as embroidered logos or printed designs on our custom eco backpacks; this is an excellent way to create a unique item that can build brand recognition among its recipients. In addition to design, sustainability is another key factor when selecting an eco-friendly backpack. Look for backpacks made with materials like cotton canvas or hemp that are both renewable resources and have minimal impact on the environment when used in production processes. By gifting custom eco backpacks, you can make a powerful statement about your company's dedication to protecting the environment. With thoughtful consideration of quality, design, and sustainability factors during selection, you can find an item that will make a lasting impression among its recipients while still being kind to the earth. Can’t find what you are looking for and need some help? We are always here to do just that Monday through Friday during office hours. Just give us a call at: +31 20 504 5713! 

Branded eco backpacks 

Branded eco backpacks are becoming more and more in-trend, as businesses look to reduce their environmental impact while also embracing a modern, environmentally conscious aesthetic. Branded eco backpacks are now the perfect promotional tool for companies to increase brand recognition. These backpacks are made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, organic cotton and jute fibre. Not only do these materials have a lower environmental impact than traditional fabrics like nylon and polyester, but they also give the backpacks an attractive rustic charm. As well as showing your business’s commitment to sustainability, branded eco-friendly backpacks are also highly durable—making them ideal for outdoor activities or everyday use. Company branded eco backpacks offer a versatile promotional item that stands out in both function and style. With so many benefits and features, there is no wonder that getting eco backpacks branded is becoming one of the hottest trends in corporate promotion today!

Printed eco backpacks 

With our mission to provide printed eco backpacks, we make it easy for companies to show their commitment to reducing their environmental impact. By ordering our printed eco backpacks, customers can give them out as gifts and promotional items to business contacts and colleagues, or even use them as part of their own corporate branding initiatives. At Loopper, we are committed to providing the highest quality of sustainable products that are environmentally conscious in every way. Our selection of eco backpacks with print features materials like organic cotton canvas and recycled polyester, which are both highly durable and able to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. And with our vibrant printing technology, each bag makes an eye-catching statement about a company's commitment to sustainability. Plus, our bags come equipped with useful features like adjustable shoulder straps, multiple compartments for organising items, and water bottle holders - making them perfect for everyday use or travel. With printed sustainable backpacks, customers can rest assured knowing they're doing their part in helping the environment while also getting the best product available on the market. 

Eco backpacks with logo 

It is important for companies to invest in eco backpacks with logo printing as a way to promote sustainability and demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment. Eco backpacks with logo printing are made from recycled materials, such as organic cotton, which reduces the environmental impact on production. These materials also offer superior durability and strength compared to conventional fabrics, making them an excellent choice for long-term use. Providing eco backpacks with your logo is also a great way to build relationships with other businesses or colleagues. It shows that you are conscious of the environment and demonstrates your commitment to providing sustainable solutions. Giving away eco backpacks with company logo printing can be seen as an act of generosity that will likely be remembered by recipients. Additionally, it serves as a subtle form of marketing, since recipients will no doubt show off the bag around town with your company logo prominently displayed. Giving away eco backpacks is also a great way to attract more eco-conscious customers or employees who are looking for companies who display environmental responsibility. By doing so, you’ll be contributing to a greener world while also promoting your brand and building better relationships among business partners, staff members and colleagues alike. 

Wholesale eco backpacks 

Ordering wholesale eco backpacks allows companies to have more control over order fulfilment timelines. Instead of having to wait on single item shipments, larger orders can be fulfilled all at once so that they arrive together and can therefore be distributed faster. This helps ensure that the product arrives on time and in the right quantity with no delays or miscommunications along the way. Plus, our wholesale eco backpacks are made from superior materials. The added quality assurance increases customer satisfaction, promotes brand loyalty and gives customers more peace of mind knowing that their backpack was made from higher-grade materials. Purchasing eco backpacks wholesale from Loopper offers numerous benefits for companies looking to buy merchandise without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality assurance standards. Companies who take advantage of these benefits will find themselves well positioned for success both now and into the future, all thanks to Loopper! 

Promotional eco backpacks 

Promotional eco backpacks are incredibly versatile, providing functional capacity and stylish appeal. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, making them perfect for any type of business or individual. For example, if you’re looking for something for the office, consider a traditional backpack with plenty of room for notebooks and other materials. If you’re targeting students or outdoors enthusiasts, try options like drawstring bags. And if you want something that’s both attractive and practical enough to use every day, our anti-theft duffel backpacks offer great storage space in a smaller package. You can also add your logo to the product to increase brand recognition - with its eye-catching design, it won’t be hard to get the attention that you want for your brand! These products are becoming increasingly popular among marketing professionals due to their effectiveness in engaging potential customers and promoting long-term loyalty. By ordering eco backpacks for promotional use, your company can make an unforgettable statement about its commitment to environmental responsibility, while staying ahead of the competition.

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