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Personalised anti-theft backpacks

Do your employees go out often with expensive or valuable items? Then don’t let them get stolen! You can’t give them a vault or a safe to bring with them, but you can get personalised anti-theft backpacks printed by Loopper. Anti-theft bags have a number of bent pockets on the inside, or are sometimes even equipped with an alarm system. This way, your employees can carry their valuables with peace of mind. Curious about our offer or want to order right away? Call us today!
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Custom anti-theft backpacks

If you provide employees with a laptop for work, then you obviously want them to keep it safe. There is no better way to do this than with a custom anti-theft backpack from Loopper. These backpacks keep the contents safe from thieves by integrating curved pockets and even at times designed with an alarm system in place. Therefore, you can avoid your employees having their laptops or other valuable office gear stolen. So get you custom anti-theft backpacks from Loopper today!

Branded anti-theft backpacks

But what makes a backpack "anti-theft?" A few things. First, most are made with an extra-tough, anti-slash material that makes it extremely difficult for would-be thieves to cut their way inside your bag. Second, the zippers are usually hidden by flaps, so it often looks like there's no way into the bag. Finally, many anti-theft backpacks come with tools like locking cables, combination locks, and RFID-blocking technology. Take a look at the properties section of our branded anti-theft backpacks to learn more.

Printed anti-theft backpacks

Many of the printed anti-theft backpacks in this category can not only be used as backpacks, but can also be transformed into briefcases with a few simple actions. You don't have to worry about whether the person receiving the bag is happy with the look. After all, they can customize it to their liking. Also, some of them have a shoulder strap, so the backpack can also be worn as a shoulder bag. You can find all this information under "Product details" on the product pages.

Anti-theft backpacks with logo

If you want to order anti-theft backpacks with logo, it is important that you know what the bags will hold. Each backpack is specially made to carry certain sizes of laptops and tablets. The most common size is 15.6" for the laptop compartment and 10" for the tablet compartment. Other sizes are less common, but nevertheless occur. Therefore, always think carefully before you place your order and always contact one of our staff to be sure. They will know exactly what is suitable for you, so you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Wholesale anti-theft backpacks

If you are looking for wholesale anti-theft backpacks to resell in your store or web shop, Loopper has you covered. It can be scary ordering a large quantity of anti-theft backpacks in bulk, because you don’t know if you will actually like how your logo looks on the bags. That is why at Loopper, we provide you with a digital sample of what the final backpack will look like with your logo, company name or slogan printed on it. We will not begin production until this mock-up is approved by you. Request one today with no obligation!

Promotional anti-theft backpacks

Do you want to purchase promotional anti-theft backpacks while still promoting sustainability? You’re in luck! Some of our backpacks, including the Bobby Hero XL model, are made from rPET material (a form of recycled plastic) and contain an AWARE™ tracer. What is an AWARE™ tracer you might ask? With AWARE™, the use of genuine recycled fabric materials and water reduction impact claims are guaranteed by using the AWARE disruptive physical tracer and blockchain technology. Each Bobby Hero XL saves 21 litres of water and reuses 35 plastic bottles. Therefore, you can order anti-theft backpacks for promotional use while still remaining environmentally conscious! With Loopper, you won’t have to worry about going against your company’s sustainable image.

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