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Personalised round lip balm

Are you looking to hand out lip balm to your future customers, or existing ones, but you want to distinguish yourself from the masses? This personalised round lip balm could be the answer. We have many options made from different materials, available in all kinds of colours. Order these personalised round lip balms in bulk to get an even better deal. To make sure you receive exactly what you have in mind, we always offer a free digital sample with every order or enquiry. So place your order, or enquire today!

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Custom round lip balm 

Custom round lip balm is becoming increasingly popular among companies, company owners, and purchasers due to its many advantages. Round lip balm is superior to regular lip balm in several ways. The shape of the round lip balm makes it much easier to apply the product evenly across lips, thus providing a more uniform protection. Additionally, round lip balm containers are designed with lids that snap shut tightly, making them airtight and preventing product waste via evaporation or contamination from dust and dirt particles. Another advantage of round lip balms is their longer shelf life compared to regular ones. Since they are sealed so tightly, they last longer before expiring or going bad. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable long-term solution when it comes to protecting their lips from chapping or drying out in harsh weather conditions like strong winds or intense sun exposure. Overall, custom round lip balm offers a variety of benefits over regular alternatives including ease of application, greater natural ingredient content, airtight sealing lids for product longevity, and increased shelf life for consistent protection against harsh elements all year long. 

Branded round lip balm 

Branded round lip balm has a significant advantage over other shapes and sizes when it comes to branding: its larger print area. As opposed to smaller, rectangular balms that have limited surface area for printing logos or slogans, branded round lip balm can be completely adorned with a company's brand. Not only does this mean more visibility and recognition for the company, but it also provides customers with an all-encompassing brand experience. With round lip balm, companies can make use of their entire product as an advertisement tool. What's more, if your business is in the beauty or cosmetic industry, then you can introduce even more colour combinations, printed patterns or artworks onto your round lip balm thanks to its wide shape. Ultimately then, thanks to its large print area and practical advantages over other shapes, getting round lip balm branded presents an excellent opportunity for companies looking to get their products branded in an effective and eye-catching way.

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