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A fan is ideal for when it's hot out. Are you going to organise a festival? Or do you want to show appreciation to your employees during these hot times? Then get personalised fans from Loopper. A fan is fun, but getting fans printed is even more fun, because the printing on the fan promotes your brand or company. A personalised fan is a perfect gift for clients, business associates, employees or colleagues. In addition, you can also create brand awareness through fan printing. Hand out your personalised fans at a festival and in no time, everyone will be walking around with a fan bearing your logo or text. Perhaps you can do a collaboration with a certain vendor. When you buy this many XYZ, you get a fan as a gift. By getting fans personalised, you show that you have given thought to your employees. Even during the hot times, while many colleagues are on holiday, every employee's hard work is rewarded. Take a look at the fans we have to offer and discover your favourite one to survive the summer!
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Custom fans 

At Loopper, we specialise in producing corporate gifts. Choosing a business gift is a difficult choice. Thanks to the wide range we offer, you can always choose something that suits you. Custom fans are an ideal gift for the summer months. Everyone can use a fan during the hot temperatures. Having the fans customised ensures personal attention. Get your custom fans printed with a logo, name or in your organisation's colours. Choose from Spanish fans, hand fans or even cheap personalised fans: the choice is yours. Reward the hardworking people within your organisation with a lovely customised fan. Your custom fans can be used on holidays, festivals or in between work. Pay sufficient attention to the hard workers in the hot times, and get your fans printed at Loopper for brilliant results.  

Branded fans 

Once the order is placed, we can start printing your branded fans. Besides text, you can also choose to have fans branded with a photo. The photo will be printed in detail on the fan, so make sure your photo is of high quality. Branded fans can be printed with small or large photos. Will you go for the group photo of the entire organisation? Or will you have fans branded because your fantastic colleague has been in service for 25 years? It is all possible at Loopper. You choose the fan, including the photo and other wishes, and you can then leave the fan printing to us in complete confidence.  

Printed fans 

Fans are wildly popular. Even the royal family can also be seen walking everywhere with a fan these days. In today's world, full of technologies, ideas are popping up like mushrooms. But we have yet to find an option to keep our heads cool during the hot periods of the year. We stick to our old trusty fan. Printed fans are hugely popular during festivals. Festivals often take place in summer. The temperatures outside are great for celebrating over drinks. Due to the high temperatures and crowds, it can get very hot. Printed fans offer the ideal solution for this. Wave your printed fan around and create a breeze around you. Fans printed with your logo are not only great for the warm weather, but also as accessories. We like to have an accessory in our hands besides a drink, so why not can carry a fan with print? Only need a few fans printed? Check out our personalised fans small quantity

Fans with logo 

Are you looking for fans with logo? Then you've come to the right place! At Loopper, printing fans is a piece of cake for us. It is important that you, the customer, have everything clearly in mind. The better you tell us how you want it, the better we can print fans with logo for you. Share your fan design in detail with us, and we will do the fan printing. It is important to consider who your target audience is going to be. Depending on the target group, you may be able to estimate the number of people. You don't want anyone to be left without a fan. Printing fans creates a certain unity. Let the colours or logo of your organisation recur while printing the fans. Are you giving the fans with company logo as a gift to an organisation? Then think carefully about whether you want to promote your organisation or give the organisation a personal gift in its own colours. Maybe you should even consider getting them personalised premium fans. These are things you should carefully think about before ordering. 

Wholesale fans 

At Loopper, we have 20 years of experience in fan printing. The fans themselves are of high quality and the fans are supplied to us by the best suppliers. The wholesale fans are then printed by us. With us, the customer comes first. Do you have any questions or special requirements? Contact us and let us know. We love to hear if customers have improvements for us, so we can work on them. Not only are we satisfied with the customers, but the customers should also be satisfied with us. In the customer review section, you can read experiences of different customers. We are proud of our printed wholesale fans. We pay close attention to the fans during printing. We naturally want the fans to be delivered to you in perfect condition. You can enjoy the wholesale fans in bulk within two weeks, delivered to a location of your choice! Sometimes, we can even deliver them faster, so be sure to check out our personalised fans fast delivery

Promotional fans 

Your choice of corporate gifts has fallen on promotional fans. A fantastic choice! You have chosen fans, but now, of course, you need to select the perfect one. Not only do we have the fans as we know them from way back, but we also keep up with current trends and developments. Have you found the ideal fans to print on? Then it's time to choose a colour. The colour that suits the organisation is often chosen. The choice is entirely in your hands. Some organisations want to be known by means of a logo. Others have their promotional fans printed with the organisation's motto. Satisfied with your design? Ask for a quote. Upon approval of the quote and free digital design, we can start printing fans for promotional use. We ensure neat and careful printing of all your fans. Quality is of paramount importance, and this is reflected in all our work.

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