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Personalised cooler bags

A barbecue in the park, a day at the beach or going to the amusement park with the family. In all cases you want your food to stay fresh and your drinks to stay cold. Cooler bags help you with this. In the morning, you simply put all your food and drinks, together with a freezing element, in the bag and at the end of the day everything is still fresh. At Loopper, you can get personalised cooler bags for as little as 2.00 euros each and they are available in a wide variety of durable materials. Curious about which materials we can print for you? Scroll down or ask one of our staff!
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Custom cooler bags

What’s cooler than being cool? Custom cooler bags from Loopper. Provide you employees or clients with a cooler bag to help keep their beverages cold wherever they may go! A standard lunch bag is not able to withstand certain temperatures. When it comes to managing the temperature of food or drinks, there isn’t a better option than customised cooler bags. They will guarantee that the temperature inside is maintained at a consistent level and that the items within do not spoil as a consequence. So not only will your gift recipients have a great time without worrying about the contents of the bag, but they will also be promoting your business!

Branded cooler bags

Compared to plastic lunch bags, branded cooler bags are significantly more popular on the market. Cooler bags are durable, strong and more resistant to damage. As more reusable cooler bags hit the market, the need for plastic bags decreases. There will therefore be less demand for plastics, which is a plus in our book! We recommend you take a look at our Impact AWARE™ model. By purchasing this cooler bag made from the reused plastic of 11 plastic bottles, you immediately save 6 litres of water! Want to find out how you can do even more for the environment by ordering from Loopper? We have plenty of sustainable products in our assortment. Give us a call to find out!

Printed cooler bags

Is the sun shining outside and it is time for a beer in the park? Then make sure to keep it ice cold by using printed cooler bags from Loopper! Since cooler bags are used by everyone, they are also an excellent way to increase brand awareness for your company among a diverse audience! Loopper's cooler bags are available in many colours, so there's always one that fits well with your company image. Curious how this will look? Request a digital print sample without any obligation!

Cooler bags with logo

If you're going to spend a day barbecuing outdoors, a cooler bag is indispensable. It not only ensures that your meat stays fresh, but it also keeps the beer cold. At Loopper, we even have cooler bags with many perks. For example, with a built-in speaker or crockery and cutlery. These are of course also nice to give away as promotional material or business gifts. At Loopper, you can easily get your cooler bags with logo. You're not only giving away something fun, but you're also promoting your company!

Wholesale cooler bags

Spending less money on wholesale cooler bags is becoming more common as they are used more regularly compared to disposable bags, such as plastic bags. This might be more cost-effective in the long term. This is due to their durability and longer shelf life. Wholesale cooler bags in bulk also help decrease one's carbon imprint on the environment, because of the lack of need for refrigeration. Loopper can help you get cooler bags wholesale at a great price. Call us to find out how!

Promotional cooler bags

One of the most versatile options for promotional cooler bags we have seen is our speaker cooler bag. This bag can hold up 32 cans and comes included with a detachable bluetooth speaker. As if it couldn’t get better, the speaker is water proof and has up to five hours of playtime! We think that is a pretty cool gift, no pun intended! Want to find out about other cool products we offer for promotional use? We are happy to inform you! Simply reach out to us via phone or email.

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