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Personalised grocery bags

Would you like to give a gift that your customers, business associates or employees will enjoy for many years? Would you like to give something away that will also benefit you for a long time? If so, choose grocery bags personalised by Loopper. By giving away personalised grocery bags, you ensure that your company name or logo will be seen in many public places. Grocery bags come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Small and large, plastic and linen. Do you need help in making the right choice? Then contact one of our account managers!
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Custom grocery bags

If you're going to order custom grocery bags from Loopper, then you need to think carefully about the purpose you want to use them for. We have bags that are made specially to carry a few pieces of fruit, but also bags that can hold an entire mountain of potatoes. As well as being used for shopping, there are also bags that can be used for many other purposes. You can find the sizes on the product page under the "product details" section.

Branded grocery bags

If you want to order branded grocery bags from Loopper, we advise you to choose a bag on which you can print in full colour. You'll be able to use 100% of the surface and your logo or slogan will stand out even more. Designing this is not easy for everyone; but we are able to help. The best thing to do is to call one of our designers. They are available every work day between 9 and 5.

Printed grocery bags

Grocery bags are not only very handy to put your groceries in, but they are also very trendy and used by many as a fashion accessory. Cotton and linen bags are used particularly for this purpose, but this of course depends on personal preference. Printed grocery bags can be ordered in even more materials, such as non-woven and jute. Since our range is so large and it can be difficult to make a choice, a team of specialists is available every workday to answer all your questions. Call us or send us an email!

Grocery bags with logo

If you are going to give away business gifts or promotional materials, and you want to show that you consider sustainability important, then consider giving away grocery bags with logo. By giving away a grocery bag, you will convince your clients or relations not to buy disposable plastic bags anymore, but to use the same sustainable bag every time. It is also a bonus for you that your company name or logo will be seen in many supermarkets. This will help contribute to the sustainable image that you want your company to portray.

Wholesale grocery bags

Are you the owner of a small shop and would like to give your customers a trendy bag with your shop's name or logo on it? Then order wholesale grocery bags from Loopper and have them designed entirely according to your wishes! By giving your customers a bag with your logo on it, you're not only making their purchases more personal, but you're also ensuring that their bag attracts the attention of potential future customers!

Promotional grocery bags

If you are going to purchase promotional grocery bags, it is important that the message you want to print on them is clearly visible to others. This is the only way to increase the awareness of your company name. To make sure that you are satisfied with the results, we always send you a digital sample within one hour after you have made your request. This way, you are not only sure that your bags will be as you'd imagined, but also that you will receive them as soon as possible.

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