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Personalised retro bags

For several years now, it has been popular to buy or give gifts with an "old" style. These products are of course not old, but they have the looks of a product that has been around for a while. We call these retro or vintage products. Because of its popularity, Loopper offers a wide range of personalised retro bags. Even though the bags look "old", they are of course brand new and of the highest quality. Curious about whether retro bags would suit you? Ask one of our experts!
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Custom retro bags

We offer some of the best prices for vintage bags that you can find on the internet. In fact, you can order custom retro bags from us for less than €2.00 each. This price includes not only the bag and the printing, but also the delivery!

Branded retro bags

To make your business gift even more unique, you can choose the most personal way of giving away a printed item, with a photo on it. Branded retro bags with photo printing are a very suitable way to put your customers or business relations in the spotlight. Since it's very important what the result will look like, it's always best to call one of our account managers before you order. You can reach them every workday from 9 to 5!

Printed retro bags

Printed retro bags are of course a broad concept. Retro doesn't say anything about the material the bag is made of, but it is a style. In this category you will find bags made of jute, linen and paper. All these materials have different properties. You can check the properties of each bag on the product pages. If you prefer personal advice, it's best to send us an email or give us a call.

Retro bags with logo

Bags in general are very suitable for use as promotional material. Since they have a large print area, your logo or company name will always stand out. However, it is important that you choose a bag that people want to be seen with. That is why retro bags with logo are an excellent option. Retro bags have grown in popularity in recent years, so you will see many happy faces when you give this bag away!

Wholesale retro bags

Do you own a shop that sells vintage items, such as old radios? If so, you can make your shop look even more vintage by getting wholesale retro bags printed by Loopper. By printing many of these bags with your shop name, you can either give these bags away with purchases or sell them as a separate product in your shop. There is a wide range of bags that are suitable for this purpose. So, think carefully about the purpose you want to use them for and make your choice accordingly. If you want our advice on this, just send us an email. We will answer you within an hour!

Promotional retro bags

Are you going to attend a special event and want to promote your business? Then don't opt for a pen or a notebook as a business gift. Make an impression and choose promotional retro bags. For example, you can have your slogan or inside joke printed on the bag, to make the business gift even more unique. Since these special events are often small-scale, you can have the bags personalised with us from as little as 20 pieces!

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