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Personalised wine bottle bags

If you're going to give someone a nice bottle of wine, then you obviously want it to arrive in one piece. Loopper's personalised wine bottle bags will help. Not only do wine bottle bags personalised with your logo protect the wine from damage, but they also give it a more personal touch. Wine bottle bags can be printed in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so there's something for everyone. Wondering what would best suit you? Ask one of our staff!
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Custom wine bottle bags

When you give someone a bottle of wine as a business gift, your logo or company name is nowhere to be seen. Custom wine bottle bags from Loopper offer a solution to this problem. You can easily wrap the bottle in a wine bag that bears your logo or company name, so the person you're giving the bottle to will always know who gave it to them!

Branded wine bottle bags

If you want to share your recent business endeavour with partners, friends or customers, get branded wine bottle bags from Loopper. By giving these special wine bags as a gift, with delicious contents of course, you will share your brand and create an even stronger relationship with who you give them to!

Printed wine bottle bags

Wine bags are available in many different types, sizes and materials. You can opt for a wooden gift box or jute bag to give your wine a luxurious touch. If you would like to go for budget-friendly printed wine bottle bags, then the non-woven wine bags are for you. You can have your logo or company name printed on these for less than 1.00 euro each!

Wine bottle bags with logo

Do you have plans to visit a hospitality event such as the Hotel 360 Expo, and would you like to present your visitors with a bottle of wine? Then make sure it's well protected! If you put the wine in one of Loopper's wine bottle bags with logo, you'll not only protect the wine, but also advertise your own company! You can easily order them online at Loopper. If you'd like to speak to a member of our staff first, you can reach us by phone or email every weekday.

Wholesale wine bottle bags

Do you own a liquor store, and want to give your customers' purchases a bag with your store's name on it? Then simply order wholesale wine bottle bags from Loopper. The wine bags will not only make it easy for your customers to take their purchases with them, but they will also ensure that your liquor store's name is clearly visible on the street, thereby increasing your store's name recognition!

Promotional wine bottle bags

Do you have something to promote, and you’d like to do so with a bottle of wine as a gift? Then do so with promotional wine bottle bags from Loopper. You choose a wine bag that you like, send us your logo, slogan or text, and we'll have it printed on the bag! To make sure you're satisfied with your purchase, we always send you a digital sample first. After you have confirmed this, production will begin and they will be delivered to you within two weeks!

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