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Personalised foldable shopping bags

Foldable bags are extremely practical. On the way to the shop, you can simply put them in your pocket. Once in the shop, you can take the bag out and put all your purchases inside. Due to them being so handy, personalised foldable shopping bags will be a very much appreciated gift to employees or business relations. They will take the bag everywhere with them and your company name or logo will be seen in various public places. Are you curious about the possibilities? Give us a call and we can discuss it together.
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Custom foldable shopping bags

Customised foldable shopping bags are available in many different materials. You can choose from non-woven, polyester and canvas. All these materials have different properties, which are appropriate for different purposes. If you want to know which material you should choose for your custom foldable shopping bags, it is best to call one of our account managers. They will provide you with great advice!

Branded foldable shopping bags

If you want branded foldable shopping bags, it is important that you choose a bag that is suitable for this purpose. In our foldable bags category, you will find shopping bags and large backpacks. All these bags have different uses and are therefore more or less suitable to be printed. Before ordering, always contact our customer service. They will provide you with advice and arrange a digital print sample for you!

Printed foldable shopping bags

The problem with many folding bags is that once they are folded, they do not stay folded. At Loopper, we therefore have many printed foldable shopping bags in our range that can be easily closed with a snap fastener or drawstring. This way, you can be sure that when folded, the bags will be as portable as possible, and you can easily take them with you wherever you may go. To see if your favourite bag has such a closure, check out the features of our bags by clicking on their picture.

Foldable shopping bags with logo

Our foldable shopping bags with logo are specially selected to be easy to carry. Firstly, they are all foldable and therefore easy to tuck away in trouser pockets, jacket pockets or backpacks. They are also made of extra lightweight material. So not only do they take up little space, but they are also easy to lift. Most of our foldable bags weigh less than 40 grams but can hold up to 8 kilograms of contents.

Wholesale foldable shopping bags

Are you looking for folding bags that you can resell in your own web shop? Loopper is the right place for that. Our wholesale foldable shopping bags are ideal for bulk purchase and can be branded with your logo or company name. If you purchase the right quantity, we can even produce the products you want entirely according to your wishes. For that, it's best to call our experts directly.

Promotional foldable shopping bags

Giving away promotional foldable shopping bags as a business gift is a great idea to increase the awareness of your company. Since they are foldable, they take up little space at home and are easy to carry around (even on your bike)! As a result, the recipients will use them a lot, and your company name or logo will be seen in many public places.

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