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Personalised cardboard bags

If sustainability is high on your list of priorities, and you want to get bags printed, you should opt for cardboard bags from Loopper. Since personalised cardboard bags are completely bio-degradable, they have a very small impact on our ecosystem. This gives a great display of what your company stands for! Curious about which cardboard bags we can print? Give us a call and discuss the options with one of our experts.
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Custom cardboard bags

Do you own a restaurant and get a lot of your turnover from online orders? Then make sure that your packaging is not only sturdy, but also features your restaurant's name or logo. By using custom cardboard bags for online orders, customers will have an easier time remembering your restaurant and ordering from you again!

Branded cardboard bags

If you want to have branded cardboard bags, it is important that the bag compliments the branding. That's why, besides the standard cardboard bag, we have a wide range of bags available in different colours. To be sure that your logo or slogan will be printed perfectly, we send you a digital print sample before we start the production. No bad surprises down the road!

Printed cardboard bags

If you would like to responsibly use bags with your company name or logo on them, then choose printed cardboard bags. Bags made of cardboard have very little negative effect on the environment and climate because they are completely biodegradable. These bags will not only help increase your company's name recognition but will also contribute to a cleaner Earth.

Cardboard bags with logo

Do you have a shop on a busy shopping street, and you'd like to affordably advertise to shoppers? If so, give your customers' purchases away in cardboard bags with logo from Loopper. By using these bags, your customers will not only be able to carry their purchases with them, but other shoppers will also be able to see them and your store name. They're sure to come and look in your shop as well!

Wholesale cardboard bags

Do you work at a large retail chain and have been given the task of buying bags as cheaply as possible? Then look no further and choose Loopper's wholesale cardboard bags. With over 20 years of experience in supplying large quantities of printed products, we can offer you the best prices and highest quality there is. Just give us a call and together we can discuss the possibilities.

Promotional cardboard bags

If you choose cardboard instead of plastic, this is already a big step in the right direction. However, if you want to be 100% sustainable, choose promotional cardboard bags that have an FSC label. An FSC label means that you can be sure that the wood that was used has been harvested from sustainable forestry. The FSC certification ensures that vulnerable nature and forest areas remain intact, and that the forest has enough time to recover after the logging.

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