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Personalised carry bags

Since almost everyone carries a bag with them every day, bags have been one of the most popular business gifts to give away for years. That's why at Loopper, you can get personalised carry bags. With over 50 bags, made of different materials and in various sizes, there is always something that is perfect for you. It is not always easy to choose, which is why a team at Loopper is at your disposal every work day to help you make the right choice. Contact them today!
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Custom carry bags

Carry bags are a fantastic option because of their versatility. Custom carry bags can be used to carry groceries, clothing or can even be brought to the beach. With the amount of uses for these bags, the number of places where they can be taken is unfathomable. Also, customised carry bags have a large printing area, which will make sure that your logo really pops. Therefore, your logo or company name will be seen by a high number of people. Do you want some more advice before placing your order? Call us today and experience our top-of-the-line customer service.

Branded carry bags

The carry bag has become the go-to bag for when it comes to shopping. Being able to ask for a bag in a store and avoid juggling goods on the way home, has helped customers navigate through the stressful experiences of shopping. Almost all stores have some kind of branded carry bag, and it is not without reason. Branded carry bags can achieve a lot for your business. Want to know how our carry bags can help? Contact us via phone or email. Our team of experts are here to answer all your questions!

Printed carry bags

The big advantage of using printed carry bags as promotional products, is that they have a large print area. We even have bags available which can be printed with a size of no less than 30x20cm! The large printing surface has made carry bags one of the most popular promotional materials to give away at fairs and events for years. You can order easily by using the order menu on the right side of the product page. If you still have questions about this, please contact someone from our customer service.

Carry bags with logo

If you want to have carry bags with logo, you can choose bags made from many different materials. Some materials include polyester, non-woven and cotton. All of these bags have quite different characteristics within their own category. Some come with or without zippers, with different side and front pockets and of course in various colours. You can find all these features on the product page of each bag. If you still can't work it out, just send us an email with all your questions. If you prefer to speak to someone personally, just give us a call!

Wholesale carry bags

Are you interested in wholesale carry bags from Loopper? We have over 20 years of experience in the promotional gift business, so we are no stranger to purchasing wholesale carry bags in bulk. We have a long list of suppliers with whom we work closely with to provide our customers with fantastic options they will not be able to find anywhere else. Even though our bags can carry a lot of weight, that doesn’t mean that you have to. Let us at Loopper do all the heavy lifting!

Promotional carry bags

A benefit of reusable bags is that they can be used continuously and will be at the front of consumers’ minds. Back in the day, grocery stores used to provide free plastic bags to customers. How times have changed. Nowadays, these same stores have started to charge for bags. Therefore, it is quite common to see customers bringing their own bags from home to these stores. What if those promotional carry bags were from your store. Think about all the people that would be exposed to your brand, quite possibly in a competitor’s store nonetheless. And what does it cost you? As little as 89 cents per bag!

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