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Personalised laptop bags 

If you want to give away a useful gift that people can use on a daily basis, then consider personalised laptop bags from Loopper. Using a laptop bag will ensure that your laptop is protected while on the road. Keep your computer safe from bad weather and dust! The large surface of the laptop bag makes it extremely suitable to be printed with your logo or company name. To ensure a perfect look, we always send you a digital mock-up before we start production. Curious how this works? Then get in touch with us!
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Custom laptop bags

When giving away custom laptop bags to business relations, customers or employees, there are many aspects to think about. The choice of material is one of them. At Loopper, in addition to traditional materials, we also have a wide range of printable sustainable materials. A recent trend is PVC-free plastic. This is made entirely from recyclable materials and thus has a positive impact on the environment. If you would like to know more about our sustainable options, we recommend that you call one of our experts.

Branded laptop bags

Are you a technological business owner and want to increase your brand awareness? Loopper offers many options for branded laptop bags. You obviously want your logo, text or slogan to be clearly visible. It is therefore important that the colour of the bag you choose compliments your logo and brand, but also that it is printed on the right surface. To help you with this, a team of experts is at your disposal every day to give you advice on making the right choice. After you have made your choice together, we will send you a digital example so that you can see for yourself what your company branded laptop bags will look like.

Printed laptop bags

When you buy printed laptop bags from Loopper, looks are important but they are not everything. The comfort of the bag is also important. A shoulder bag, for example, is easier if you need to get articles out of your bag often. If you are often walking long distances, then a backpack is the way to go. We also have trolleys that can be printed with your logo or company name, which are extra handy when you often travel with your laptop.

Laptop bags with logo

If you are going to print laptop bags with logo, it is of course very important that the laptop fits. Most laptops are about 15 or 17 inches, which is why all laptop bags are about that size. It is important that you do not choose a size that is too big or too small. If you choose a laptop bag with company logo that is too large, your laptop will not be fully protected and may be damaged. Many of our laptop bags also have a separate compartment for your tablet, so you can safely carry both in one bag.

Wholesale laptop bags

Are you giving all your new employees a company laptop and want to make sure they keep it safe? Then order wholesale laptop bags from Loopper. You can also have a protective sleeve printed with your logo or company name. That way, your employees' laptops are not only well protected against falls and bumps, but your employees will also discreetly advertise your company wherever they may go, just by taking their laptops with them!

Promotional laptop bags

If you are going to order promotional laptop bags, you will of course want them to look sharp and aesthetically pleasing. Due to our 20 years of experience with large-scale printing of products, you will not have to worry about that. Other than looks, it is also important that your laptop bag merchandise is functional. For example, choose bags with a built-in USB charger; this handy feature will ensure that your phone is always charged.

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