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Personalised lighters

Would you like to give a business gift that can be used every day? Then personalised lighters are the solution for you. Lighters are used for lighting various things. The smokers among us are extremely happy with them. In addition, a lighter can be used to light the cooker or make a fire. Ideal, right? The lighter is easy and small to carry. Put the lighter in your bag and you will be a lifesaver when no one has fire handy. Personalised lighters as corporate gifts offer promotion for your company. Through a gift, you show appreciation to your customers, associates or other stakeholders. Getting lighters personalised is an affordable and effective marketing tool to create more brand awareness for your company. Take a look at the various kinds we offer!
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Custom lighters 

At Loopper, you have come to the right place for custom lighters. Loopper has many years of experience in supplying and customising certain corporate gifts. A business gift is more fun when it is personalised. Custom lighters are unique and give customers a sense of belonging. At Loopper, we only use the best suppliers, so we are assured of delivering great quality customised lighters. The personality of the lighter is created by us so that you can benefit from it. We at Loopper assure you of fantastic quality and a desired result when getting your lighters customised. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We are available every work day during office hours! 

Branded lighters 

We make every effort to make our customers happy with their ordered products. Everything starts with you, the customer. You choose which lighter you want and, in addition, you choose the design for your branded lighters. Will you choose a lighter branded with your logo? By having the logo printed on the lighter, you create brand awareness. In addition, the texts are appropriate to capture a certain moment. Think about the situation in which you give the branded lighters as a gift. When making an achievement, you can print text such as 'congratulations' on the lighters. Has your organisation celebrated a certain number of years? Then it is great to make this known on the lighters. Do you only have a few employees to send gifts to? That is not a problem, as we at Loopper offer personalised lighters small quantity. When an organisation exists for a longer time, more trust is also created. After all, we have already helped many customers by getting lighters branded. If the customer is happy, then we are happy too. 

Printed lighters 

Lighters have come a long way since they were first invented. Making fire used to involved using stones. By rubbing the stones against each other, one hoped for a spark. By means of the spark, people tried to make a fire. Fortunately, this is in the past and nowadays we can get acquainted with printed lighters. With printing, you can give the lighter a unique twist. Printed lighters stand out from other lighters. The latest trends in getting lighters printed concern colours. At Loopper, you can choose from a wide assortment of colours. Will your lighter also be used as promotional material? Then use the colours of your organisation. You create brand awareness not only through the text or logo on the lighter, but also through the colours. The colours of the lighters with print can be set according to your wishes. Choose the colour of your organisation and create recognition! 

Lighters with logo 

First of all, it is important to keep your target audience in mind. Do you have a close cooperation with a company that pays a lot of attention to health? Then do not get lighters printed, but choose another suitable business gift. Lighters are quickly associated with smoking, which is obviously not great for your health. The same goes for a younger target group. The idea is not to encourage young people to start smoking. Lighters with logo might be the last step over the threshold to start smoking. For many target groups, lighters with logo can still be a nice business gift. For example, the lighter can be used to light the barbecue during Friday afternoon drinks. It is always handy to have lighters with your company logo on hand. At home, on the road or at work; lighters come in handy in many cases. It is even possible to print special BBQ lighters. When printing lighters, it is also important to consider your own budget. The prices of a lighter vary considerably. This depends on the design, among other things. If you are looking for the most affordable options, look at cheap personalised lighters. Every lighter is capable of making fire, but some lighters have extra features. Those you will find in personalised premium lighters

Wholesale lighters 

After 20 years of experience, we have been able to discover many things about the business. We can confidently say that personal contact with customers is very important. The customer is king, which is why we have a listening ear. We can discuss the possibilities together and come to a suitable solution. Product knowledge is also important. Every project is assigned an account manager, who is on top of the products and ultimately ensures the best result. Printing wholesale lighters in bulk takes some time, but we always make sure that you can print wholesale lighters relatively quickly. The wholesale lighters will be delivered to you within two weeks. If you need them fast than that, take a look at personalised lighters fast delivery. Through amazing communication, we want you to get the best out of them. Order your lighter quickly and receive a free digital design! 

Promotional lighters 

Buying promotional lighters is quick and easy. Within two weeks, the lighters will be delivered to you. Before getting started with printing your lighters for promotional use, you need to think about what you want them to look like. Be aware of the budget and think carefully about the printing. First of all, you can choose the suitable lighter from our range. Next, you can create and provide the design. Choose your own colours and texts for the lighter. Would you like to have all the costs listed? Then request a no-obligation quote. That way, both parties know where they stand during the promotional lighter printing process. Within an hour of requesting a quote or placing an order, a digital sample will be sent to you without any obligation.

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