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Personalised ashtrays 

Are you or your business planning a company party on the beach? Do you not want the party guests to ash and throw their cigarette butts all over the perfect sand? Then you should definitely consider getting some ashtrays for the party. It just so happens that Loopper offers personalised ashtrays specifically made for the beach. An added bonus is that you can get your ashtrays personalised with your company logo! Not only are you looking out for the environment, but you’re also getting your brand seen all along the shore. It’s a win-win for everybody. We also offer other kinds of personalised ashtrays, so take a look below!

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Custom ashtrays 

When getting custom ashtrays, it is important to keep a few things in mind. One is the colour of the ashtray. Make sure you select an ashtray with a colour that compliments your logo. It will make all the difference, trust us. This is while we offer custom ashtrays in a variety of colours, so that you are never left without an option. We at Loopper have 20 years of experience with promotional materials, so you can trust our advice! Do you have questions, or are not sure of which ashtray customised with your logo will look the best? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Branded ashtrays 

Ordering branded ashtrays should not be difficult, and we at Loopper make sure that it isn’t! You can order directly on our site via the top right form on the product page, or by contacting us via phone or email. Together, we will choose the perfect branded ashtrays for your project and then send you a digital sample with your logo/artwork on it. Once this sample is approved, we will begin production on your ashtrays branded with your company logo. Your ashtrays will arrive in no more than two weeks, just in time for that company beach party. So, don’t wait any longer and order today!

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