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Personalised lunchboxes 

In addition to building strong ties between organisations, personalised lunchboxes are also incredibly practical gifts that guarantee usage for years to come. Their insulated construction keeps food fresh longer and eliminates the need for single-use plastic bags or containers. This eco-friendly option creates a lasting impression on clients while reducing unnecessary waste and contributing towards sustainability efforts. Do you want to see what your personalised lunchboxes will look like? Enquire today to receive a digital mock-up, free of charge. This way, you will get a better idea of what your logo or slogan will look like on the lunchboxes, and eliminate any surprises when you receive your order.

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Custom lunchboxes 

When considering custom lunchboxes, it's important to look for quality materials and construction that will last through extended use. Personalisation is also key – all of our lunchboxes have options for adding the recipient's name, logo or other design elements that reflect their personality or interests. When choosing colours, pick ones that are both stylish and timeless – bright colours can be eye-catching but they may not always match the recipient's taste. If you opt for a more generic design, look for neutral colours such as black, grey or navy blue as these will go with any outfit and style. Additionally, consider materials that are lightweight but durable enough to withstand daily use. PP plastic is popular due to its soft feel and lightweight nature; however, nylon bags also offer similar features. Pay attention to the closures of the bag as well – zippers are a good option if you want something quick and easy. Also make sure there is enough space inside the custom lunchboxes for all of the recipient's items such as food containers, water bottles and utensils without becoming too bulky or uncomfortable to carry around during the day. 

Branded lunchboxes 

With the rise of digital marketing, businesses have started to focus more on creating an iconic, unified brand identity. For this reason, getting branded lunchboxes can help to elevate your brand recognition and give it a unique edge in the market. The latest trends in getting lunchboxes branded involve using high-quality materials that reflect the company’s branding and style. Companies are now investing in strong and durable materials such as glass and bamboo for their lunch boxes, which offer much better durability compared to traditional plastic alternatives. Moreover, many companies opt for modern styles with sleek designs that feature bold colours and eye-catching graphics to draw attention to the brand. Overall, getting branded lunchboxes is becoming an increasingly common practice among businesses who want to establish a unique brand identity while still creating a positive experience for their employees and customers. By leveraging the latest trends in custom printing and design technologies, companies can create beautiful yet functional products that will add value to their business while elevating its presence in the industry.

Printed lunchboxes 

Ordering printed lunchboxes from Loopper means you’re getting a unique product that will amaze your business relations. A lot of our lunchboxes are made with sustainable materials such as bamboo or PP plastic. Plus, you can choose between different sizes. We understand how important it is to make a great impression at other companies or business relations. That's why our team of experienced professionals work hard to provide high-quality lunch boxes with print to businesses of all types. With over twenty years of experience, you can trust that the printed lunchboxes you order from us will look great! At Loopper we believe in providing exceptional customer service so that your experience ordering from us is smooth and stress-free. We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need help finding the right lunchbox printed for your needs! 

Lunchboxes with logo 

Gifting lunchboxes with logo printing to students is an excellent way for schools to boost their branding and create a sense of community. Not only do the lunchboxes make great gifts, they also provide multiple benefits to both students and the school. First, personalised lunchboxes with logo printing are a great way to increase school spirit. Students can proudly show off their pride in their school to friends, family, and other peers by displaying their unique containers during lunch time. This increased visibility will help build recognition for the school as well as cultivate loyalty among students who proudly wear their school brand on their lunchbox. Lunchboxes also reinforce healthy eating habits for children. Eating healthy meals is essential for physical growth and mental development, so having attractive containers will encourage children to eat more nutritious meals during lunchtime and keep unhealthy snacks at bay. Schools can even include fun facts about nutrition or health awareness tips on the custom design of the boxes to further educate children about healthy eating practices. With this initiative, schools can ultimately increase engagement within the community while promoting healthier lifestyles among students everywhere! 

Wholesale lunchboxes 

Wholesale lunchboxes are a great way to get your message out there and give you a platform to advertise your services or products. Not only can lunchboxes be used as promotional tools, but they are also a great way to increase brand exposure. When people use lunchbox merchandise with your brand, it not only increases the visibility of your company but also adds value to the lunchbox itself. People tend to use branded items more often, increasing the chances that they’ll share with others and talk about your company. Ordering lunchboxes wholesale is also cost-effective and easy to distribute. With modern printing techniques, it’s possible to produce large quantities at low cost. Furthermore, wholesale lunchboxes are lightweight and compact so they’re easy to store in bulk or ship out quickly. With these aspects combined, companies can maximise their budget while still reaching many potential customers with their message. Ordering wholesale lunchboxes with a company's brand is beneficial for both businesses and customers. It provides excellent visibility for companies while giving customers an opportunity to show off their loyalty by sharing the product with others. With the right strategy in place, businesses can easily take advantage of this powerful tool for marketing success! 

Promotional lunchboxes 

The impact of promotional lunchboxes can be far-reaching. Most businesses rely on direct referrals from existing customers or clients to cultivate new business opportunities. A thoughtful gesture like promotional lunchboxes helps create positive associations that often lead to word-of-mouth referrals and further customer loyalty. For companies that employ staff and colleagues, lunchboxes for promotional use can be an effective way of rewarding and recognising their contributions. After all, these individuals have likely gone above and beyond in the effort to help the company reach its goals - providing them with a token of appreciation is one way of showing how much you value their hard work. Additionally, there’s something special about giving someone something tangible as opposed to just words or digital tokens. Lunchbox promotional gifts give recipients something physical they can keep around as a reminder of your appreciation for them or their work. With every glance at the custom designs on the box, it’s sure to bring back fond memories that will benefit your company for years down the road.

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