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Branded lighters

A lighter can always be useful, either to light up a cigarette or to light up the stove in the kitchen or even lighting up some candles for a romantic dinner. By customizing lighters your brand will get great and lasting visibility: print your logo, slogan or message on it and start giving them away! We want to deliver you the products exactly as you want them, so for every request we received, we will send you a free digital mock up of how your branded lighters will look like.

Which types of branded lighters are there to choose from?

With the intensification of the fight against smoking, some people have predicted the end of the customisable lighter as an advertising medium... However, the predictions made by some experts can sometimes completely fall short of the mark!

On the contrary, the advertising lighter is more sought-after than ever, and for good reason: now that people smoke less and less, they no longer pay attention to their lighter. They forget it on a table, at the bottom of a purse, give it to someone... And once they find themselves without a lighter, they don't really feel like buying a new one. It will be easy to find a new lighter quickly somewhere outside or at the bottom of the drawer where they may have accumulated over the last few months.

A lighter personalised with your company's name is therefore not an ideal gift if you want to make an impact on a specific person, but it is ideal for making your brand known on a large scale. With this in mind, you can adopt two strategies.

The first is to focus on quantity and wide distribution. In this case, you are interested in a simple lighter with the name of your brand clearly visible.

The second is to differentiate yourself, so that people take a second look at the lighter and pay attention to your logo. If this is your objective, then you should opt for a different lighter that people want to keep.

What is the average life span of a promotional lighter?

Custom branded lighters are no more fragile than their normal counterparts. In fact, they are the same, except that they have been decorated with the company logo to be transformed into a promotional object.

Mechanical breakage is rare if you choose a lighter of sufficient quality and, apart from a deliberate shock or prolonged passage through water, it is quite rare for a lighter to stop working without a reason.

The main reason for a lighter to stop working is usually simple: the gas has run out. It is the amount of gas that determines the service life of a lighter. For example, a lighter that is only used to light the barbecue two or three times a year can still work very well after about ten years.

On the other hand, a lighter that is used for lighting in the event of a power failure may empty after only a few hours...

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