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Personalised tumblers

Loopper’s personalised tumblers are a great way to make the most out of a new method of marketing and communication. What’s your message? Do you want to convince people that your company is active in preventing environmental pollution? In fact, each of our personalised tumblers are designed to be environmentally friendly: our paper tumblers are biodegradable, our plastic tumblers are reusable and recyclable and our takeaway tumblers are washable and reusable, but also ideal for not spilling your drink because they have a lid. You can choose the models that best suit your needs: size, material, colours, options and features. We always offer you a free digital mock-up, so come and get a free quote and get your tumblers personalised!

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Custom tumblers 

Consider stainless steel over plastic or glass if you want to have a more professional look with your logo or message. Pick an inventive design that stands out from the crowd. Highlight what makes you unique by including a slogan, meaningful quote, or eye-catching colour scheme on your custom tumblers. Making sure the design stands out will help ensure it is remembered by your recipients. Is it for a special event or occasion? Or is it for everyday use? Depending on the answer, you may want to select a different material or design. A high-end metallic finish for your custom tumblers might be ideal for corporate events, while a more informal style could be better suited for everyday use. When it comes down to it, customised tumblers are an amazing gift option that will not only put smiles on the faces of your recipients but also help promote your company’s brand name. With careful consideration regarding choice of design and personalisation options, these gifts can become cherished keepsakes that will last for years. 

Branded tumblers 

For businesses looking to increase their visibility and get their name out there, branded tumblers are a great way to go. They provide an eye-catching canvas for your brand message while also being durable and easy to transport. Branded tumblers have become increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and versatility. Companies can have them printed with logos, slogans, or images that convey their brand message in a stylish fashion. For example, companies can use two-tone printing techniques to add accents that will make their tumbler stand out from the rest. Additionally, businesses can choose from a wide range of sizes, materials, and colours to ensure that their tumbler is truly unique. Company branded tumblers offer up some great promotional opportunities as they can be passed out at events or sold in stores. Companies can even offer discounts on their tumblers when purchased with other products to encourage more people to buy them. Tumblers branded with your logo make great corporate gifts too!

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