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Loopper personalised tumbler are a great way to make the most of your essential expenses and a new method of marketing and communication. Your message? Convince people that your company is active in preventing environmental pollution. In fact, each of our customised tumbler is designed to be environmentally friendly: our paper tumbler are biodegradable, our plastic tumbler are reusable and recyclable and our takeaway tumbler are washable and reusable, but also ideal for not spilling your drink because they have a lid. So you can choose the models that best suit your needs: size, material, colours, options and features. We offer you a digital mock-up of your customised tumbler so come and get your free quote! 
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Promotional tumbler 

Do you want to do away with waste by switching from the good old plastic tumbler 
 to recyclable and more durable models? Loopper has created promotional tumbler 
 for you that will do the trick! We offer several versions: reusable plastic tumbler, compostable paper tumbler and take-away tumbler with a tight lid. The first option is more durable and will be a good way to use the communal water cooler in your company, or even to give them directly to your employees or visitors. The second option, on the other hand, will not cause any change to the tumbler you are already using, which are probably not recyclable. The only difference will be the use that is made of them after they have been thrown away! They will be a source of nutrients for the soil thanks to the strong biodegradable paper. The third option is perfect if you have employees constantly on the move. All Loopper promotional tumbler are customisable: send us your logo and/or brand name, choose a font style and colour, and we'll send it to you shortly!   

Tumbler printing 

By switching to better-for-the-planet tumbler, you are taking action and showing your company's investment in improving our consumption system. This is a real advertising campaign in itself, yet it will cost you much less than usual! Loopper printed tumbler are either made of biodegradable paper or plastic and therefore reusable: in both cases, you are choosing a solution with everyone in mind, now and in the future. Offering these eco-tumbler to your partners, employees or even potential customers is an excellent way to highlight your responsible approach and to benefit from the publicity that will be generated! On the marketing side, our printed tumbler are customised with your own black or coloured logo, and any short text you would like to include: your main brand, your company name, the names of your employees, or even a slogan! Contact us to create your own printed tumbler now. 

Tumbler wholesaler 

Loopper is a tumbler wholesaler specialising in the personalisation of this type of object and accessories useful in everyday life. We offer you a range of products designed for you by our teams. What's at stake with customised cups? All tumbler wholesalers will tell you: they are widely used, and yet (or precisely) we could consume better! This is why Loopper has created a range of tumbler that are healthy for the planet, such as paper tumbler. Our thermos cups guarantee quality and durability at a reasonable price. Most of our products are purchased by companies that want to eliminate waste and unnecessary costs. Buying biodegradable paper tumbler or sustainable reusable tumbler will be two good ways to protect yourself and plan for the future. Indeed, France will soon no longer allow the sale of single-use utensils and tableware, so now is the time for you to switch to a better way of consumption!   

Logo tumbler 

What better accessory than a tumbler with your logo on it to give to your potential customers and partners, but also to all your employees? More and more companies are thinking about the future and switching to less polluting ways of consumption, which is why our tumbler are one of the highlights of our Loopper website. We sell our logo tumbler to companies all over Europe, from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals and public and private institutions. Approved and very popular in schools and youth centres, our tumbler are also used in offices, on building sites or for occasional events. The plastic models are durable and reusable, which quickly pays for itself. Our paper tumbler are biodegradable and therefore allow you to act responsibly at a lower cost. 

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