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Personalised money boxes

Money boxes are a great way to store and organize your money, and with a personalised design, it becomes that much more special. And with Loopper, personalised money boxes can be custom designed with your company’s logo or name on it. This will make it stand out from all of the other gifts that the recipient has received. Not only is it a functional gift, but it’s also a decorative one. It can be displayed on their desk or in their office as a reminder of your appreciation. Order your personalised money boxes now, and get a free digital sample within the hour!
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Custom money boxes 

When you want to gift custom money boxes to another company, business relation or staff/colleague, there are a few things you need to take into account. The most important thing is to make sure that the custom money box is personalised and unique to the person or company you are giving it to. It should be something they will really appreciate and use. It's also a good idea to choose a design that reflects the personality of the person or company you are giving it to. For example, if they are playful and fun-loving, go for a brightly coloured and playful design, or maybe even a piggy bank that includes paint, so that they can decorate it themselves. If they are more serious and professional, opt for a more understated design. Finally, make sure that you order your custom money boxes from a reputable and reliable supplier like Loopper, so that you can be sure of the quality of the product! 

Branded money boxes 

You want your product or service to be easily recognisable and memorable. This is especially important when it comes to financial products like money boxes. Do you work at a bank? Branded money boxes are a great way to teach kids about money and how to save it. But you don't want just any old box - you want a box that's branded with your company name and logo. This will make it more visible and more likely to be chosen by parents looking for a good money box for their kids. Branded money boxes are becoming more and more popular, so now is the perfect time to get on board. They're a great way to promote your company and help teach kids about money at the same time. And when they are all grown up, who do you think they will turn to for financial related issues, or to open up a bank account? The company that has been on their piggy bank their whole life.

Printed money boxes 

Printed money boxes, such as piggy banks, are amazing promotional products that can help your brand or business stand out from the competition. With Loopper's top-of-the-line printing service, you can customise a piggy bank with your company logo or slogan to give away to customers and potential clients. Not only do printed money boxes serve as unique promotional items, they also make great corporate gifts. Piggy banks are symbolic of savings and financial responsibility - perfect for sending to partners and colleagues in the finance industry. With our superior quality, we guarantee an eye-catching addition to any desk or office space. At Loopper, we use advanced digital printing techniques for a lasting colourful finish. Our range of materials are designed for all sorts of budget points so you can find the perfect match for your needs. Additionally, our team of experienced printing technicians will ensure that every detail is perfectly replicated onto the piggy bank surface without fading over time. We understand that running a business can be both stressful and expensive at times - but with money boxes printed from Loopper, you can get an excellent return on investment (ROI). If you're looking for an effective way to promote your brand while simultaneously giving back to customers or clients, look no further than custom money boxes with print! 

Money boxes with logo 

It is always important for companies and company owners to be able to promote their brands in the most effective way possible; this is where getting money boxes with logo printing come in. Money boxes with logo printing can act as an effective marketing tool as it allows brand awareness to be increased both around the office or workplace, and even out in the public domain. Having such promotional business items present can also help to create a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness for customers, as well as making businesses look more established and reliable. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses who are just starting out, as it helps them to stand out from their competitors by creating a more professional atmosphere when dealing with clients. Money boxes with your logo can also be incredibly cost-effective when compared to other forms of advertising, meaning that they are ideal for companies with tight budgets. Not only do they offer practical advantages such as keeping cash secure but they also act as great conversation pieces which will make customers feel reassured knowing they are dealing with a legitimate business entity. 

Wholesale money boxes 

Bank owners and managers should consider giving away money boxes, like piggy banks, to their customers as a way of building positive customer relationships. Not only will it add an extra layer of customer service, it will also provide tangible incentives for customers to save their money. Ordering and giving away wholesale money boxes can be an effective marketing strategy for any business, not just those in the finance department. It will encourage customers to save more money, which in turn increases the amount of product or services they purchase from the business. This is because customers have more funds available to them and are likely to use those funds on goods and services offered by the bank or company they are associated with. Furthermore, wholesale money boxes often hold sentimental value and emotional attachment for many people. When customers receive a gift that has emotional significance, it creates a stronger bond between the customer and the company or bank providing the gift. This sense of loyalty can help build good customer relationships and increase loyalty over time. Customers may not realize the importance of saving if they don't have a tangible item like a piggy bank that encourages them to do so. By ordering custom money boxes wholesale from Loopper, you can ensure that your customers remain financially responsible and continue coming back for more products or services from your company or bank in the future. 

Promotional money boxes 

Promotional money boxes have a unique appeal because of their practicality; they provide a functional way to store and keep track of money while also serving as an outward expression of the giver’s intentions. The options are virtually endless when it comes to customising them for the customer’s needs, allowing for full design control to create something truly unique that stands out from other corporate gifts. With different materials, shapes, sizes and colours from which to choose, customers can make sure their promotional money boxes capture their brand image perfectly. The recipient of these money box promotional items will certainly appreciate such thoughtful gifts. After all, not many people receive financial rewards in such a tangible form! Plus, since these money boxes are likely to last for years - if not decades - this gift can remain on display in homes or offices as a constant reminder of your company’s thoughtfulness. This is why investing in money boxes for promotional use is an excellent way to strengthen business relationships by creating positive associations with your company name or logo – now that’s what we call value added!

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