Personalized magic mugs 

These unique, personalized magic mugs contain thermochromic ink that only show the printing when filled with hot liquid. Not only do magic mugs provide a fun and interactive experience for customers, but they also allow brands to display their logo or message in a colorful and eye-catching way. Magic mugs can be purchased in bulk from Loopper and printed with a company’s name or logo, making them a great promotional tool for companies of all sizes. In addition to being used for promotional purposes, personalized magic mugs can also make unique corporate gifts for employees or clients. From sipping coffee to enjoying tea, the personalized touch these mugs bring will leave your customers feeling special and surprised when your logo appears!

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Magic Mug | 300ml | Personalized printing appears at 50°C
Magic Mug | 300ml | Personalized printing appears at 50°C
from 25 pieces
Friday 03 May 2024
3,96 per piece
All-in for 250 pieces
Ordered today, delivered in 12 workdays
Magic sublimation mug | Ceramic | 350 ml
Magic sublimation mug | Ceramic | 350 ml
from 50 pieces
Wednesday 08 May 2024
3,72 per piece
All-in for 250 pieces
Ordered today, delivered in 15 workdays

Custom magic mugs 

With custom magic mugs, you can reveal a photo! Are you trying to choose a special and memorable present for a friend or family member? Choose custom magic mugs from Loopper! These mugs are the ideal present for any occasion since they are not only useful but also magical because they change color when heated. They are perfect for a special day like Valentine's Day or a time to celebrate, like a birthday. A color-changing mug has the lovely feature of surprising the receiver when the pattern is displayed. Coffee or breakfast time will never be the same again. This customized magic mug’s design is what gives it its enchantment. A secret design or message is revealed when a hot drink is introduced to the cup, making for a lovely and special moment. To make it a gift that is genuinely unique and memorable, add your own photo, text, or design. Magic mugs customized with your logo are not only beautifully designed, but they are also crafted of high-quality ceramic. Why choose a generic present when you can give something genuinely unique and personalized? 

Branded magic mugs 

One of the biggest trends in branded magic mugs is the use of full-color printing. This can be used to create a vibrant image that stands out against traditional mug colors. It also allows for more intricate artwork and logos to be printed on the mug in rich detail. Other popular trends include mattee finishes, which adds a unique texture and feel to the mug while still showcasing your logo or branding clearly. Additionally, sublimation printing techniques allow you to place intricate designs onto the surface of the mug. Because they can be customized quickly and without too many costs associated with production, it's easier than ever for businesses to design beautiful branded magic mugs at a fraction of what regular printed materials would cost. At the end of the day, branding with magic mugs is an effective way for companies and business owners to get their name out into the world. With its eye-catching designs, one-of-a-kind features and cost-effectiveness, it's no wonder why so many companies are turning to getting magic mugs branded as part of their promotional strategy.

Printed magic mugs 

As one of the leading promotional merchandise suppliers in Europe, Loopper is a full-service provider of top-quality customizable products. Our wide range of items includes promotional gifts, custom apparel, and high-end products such as our printed magic mugs that bring a fun twist to traditional promotional items. Our printed magic mugs are ideal for companies looking to add a touch of excitement to their giveaways. These mugs have a special coating that reveals the printed design once hot liquid is added, making them a unique and memorable gift. We understand the importance of effective branding, particularly in a competitive market, and so we ensure that each item we produce is of the highest quality. Our team of experts is committed to providing personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of each business. Loopper's magic mugs with print are a smart and effective choice. Order your magic mugs printed from us today and let us help you make the perfect impression on your business relations. 

Magic mugs with logo 

Magic mugs with logo printing are a unique product that changes color, making them an innovative and useful tool for marketing. Firstly, giving magic mugs with logo printing as corporate gifts to clients, prospects or employees is a cost-effective way to promote your brand. This is because they are affordable, but still high-quality products with a fun little twist. Magic mugs can be customized with different logos or designs. This means businesses can tailor their magic mugs to reflect a specific campaign, message or brand identity. As a result, giving out these magic mugs with your logo as gifts to business relations can exude professionalism, creativity and thoughtfulness. By getting magic mugs with company logo printing, you can maximize the marketing potential of these unique and innovative products. Do you need assistance with placing an order? We are here to help, five days a week, during our office hours. So make sure to get in touch! 

Wholesale magic mugs 

Our wholesale magic mugs create a wow factor and provide great novelty value for customers. They are fun, quirky and are a unique way to showcase your brand. Secondly, they offer long-lasting advertising for your company. These wholesale magic mugs can be used daily, and as they are durable, they can last years, providing continuous exposure for your brand. Ordering magic mugs wholesale and selling them can also increase revenue as they garner interest and lead to increased sales. Additionally, our magic mugs for wholesale can act as a souvenir or collectable item, providing a memorable customer experience. This can translate into repeat customers and greater brand exposure through word-of-mouth. Therefore, ordering wholesale magic mugs in bulk and incorporating them into your business’s marketing strategy is a smart choice for driving sales, increasing revenue and attracting customers. Are you wondering just how much you can save by ordering in bulk? You can see how much you are saving based on the quantity in the top right menu of any product’s page! 

Promotional magic mugs 

Promotional magic mugs are a game-changer when it comes to corporate gifting. They are the perfect balance of practicality and novelty, making them an instant hit with anyone who receives them. What sets promotional magic mugs apart is their unique feature of changing color when a hot beverage is poured in. This creates an element of surprise and curiosity that is bound to be memorable for the recipient. The personalized touch of adding the company logo or message on the mug takes it up a notch and makes it a perfect branded gift. The final result of magic mugs for promotional use is increased brand recognition and customer retention. They are perfect for any corporate event, employee recognition program or even as a gift to say thank you. So if you are looking for something a little different, choose magic mug promotional gifts for your next event.

Heat-Activated Marvel: The Magic Mug

Discover the captivating allure of heat-activated magic mugs, a delightful twist on your everyday mug. These innovative mugs transform with the addition of hot liquid, unveiling hidden designs, messages, or images that were invisible at room temperature. Ideal for personalizing your morning routine or as a mesmerizing gift, magic mugs offer a moment of wonder with every sip. Beyond their novelty, these mugs serve as a canvas for creativity, allowing you to embed personal photos, inspirational quotes, or your company logo, making every coffee break an engaging experience. Perfect for corporate giveaways, special occasions, or as a unique addition to your mug collection, these heat-sensitive mugs blend functionality with surprise, ensuring your message or brand remains memorable. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful, customized gift, magic mugs promise to light up your beverage moments with an unexpected twist.