Personalized long drink glasses

Personalized long drink glasses can be designed with your company logo or with a special message of gratitude. They also make an excellent conversation piece when presented as gifts at corporate events or conferences. For those who enjoy hosting barbecues or outdoor gatherings, personalized long drink glasses are the perfect way to serve up drinks while adding a touch of style to the occasion. They are perfect for showcasing corporate values and demonstrating gratitude in an impressive manner. So why not surprise your clients or colleagues with something special? Invest in meaningful gifts and get long drinks glasses personalized today!
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made in europe

Made in Europe

Set of 1 carafe and 2 glasses | Made in Europe | Recycled glass | 1000ml-400m
Set of 1 carafe and 2 glasses | Made in Europe | Recycled glass | 1000ml-400m
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Thursday 01 August 2024
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Custom long drink glasses 

First and foremost, the design of the custom long drink glasses should be professional looking and reflect the branding of the company or person receiving them. The logo should be clearly visible, as well as any other artwork or text used to create a unique design. Additionally, it's important that your custom long drink glasses are made out of high-quality materials so they are durable and look great when used in drinks or displayed. This can help ensure that people will appreciate the gift for many years to come! Another factor to consider is the size and shape of the customized long drink glasses you choose. Long drink glasses typically have a taller profile than standard drinking glasses and often hold around 8 ounces of liquid. Therefore, make sure your glassware has enough capacity for beverages served at events or gatherings. Additionally, if you're gifting multiple items for a set, then consider whether all pieces need to be sized similarly for uniformity or if different sizes would make for a more interesting presentation. 

Branded long drink glasses 

Getting branded long drink glasses is one of the latest trends for businesses and company owners who are looking to take their marketing and branding efforts to the next level. Branded long drink glasses are typically taller than traditional beer steins, making them perfect for unique promotional events, such as weddings and business conferences. Long drink glasses branded with logos, artwork, or even messages can be just what your business needs. Brands can capture attention by giving away company branded long drink glasses at trade shows or offering discounts to customers who purchase a set of glasses. Plus, long drink glasses look good in photos taken at special occasions like parties or corporate events, which further helps businesses expand their reach on social media platforms. By getting branded long drink glasses in bulk, companies can improve their marketing efforts while holding the attention of customers through tangible products that people can use again and again – making it easier to solidify brand recognition in the minds of customers and generate more sales over time. So order your branded long drink glasses online at Loopper today!

Printed long drink glasses 

Are you looking for the perfect promotional gift to give to your business relations? Look no further than custom printed long drink glasses! These high-quality glassware items are ideal for any occasion, from corporate events and conventions to holiday parties and special occasions. Not only do these glasses look great, but they offer a unique way for your company to promote itself and its products or services. At Loopper, we make sure that all our printed long drink glasses are crafted from the finest materials, like recycled glass. They are also designed with an elegant yet stylish shape, making them an attractive addition to any décor. Plus, our printing process is second-to-none – each glass features crisp colors and images that can really capture attention. We can even add your company’s logo or slogan directly onto the glass surface for maximum impact. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? Order your long drink glasses with print today from Loopper and show off your sense of style! 

Long drink glasses with logo 

Long drink glasses with your logo provide an excellent opportunity to create a positive association with your brand. Customers will recognize the glasses and associates it with quality and superior taste. This helps build customer loyalty and encourages word-of-mouth references that can lead to more sales. Having long drink glasses with logo printing is also a great way to get noticed at events such as conferences, conventions, or even outdoor festivals. These glasses draw attention from passersby who may be curious about the product being served in them. It’s far more likely for someone to become interested in the product if they can clearly identify it with the unique branding of your company’s logoed glassware. Long drink glasses with logo printing may also help make people feel like part of an exclusive club by giving them access to special drinks served from your branded glassware. The sky is the limit with Loopper! 

Wholesale long drink glasses 

Businesses that specialize in providing sit-down meals and drinks can benefit greatly from ordering wholesale long drink glasses. This type of glassware is an essential piece of tableware for restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes. The tall shape makes them ideal for serving mixed drinks, cocktails, and other beverages with ice or garnish. Having a bulk supply of these glasses on hand means you’ll never be short when it comes to serving patrons. In addition to restaurants, many types of catering services can benefit from having wholesale long drink glasses in their inventory. For example, wedding receptions are often catered services where long drink glasses can be used to serve champagne or signature cocktails in a stylish way. Corporate events may also call for the use of elegant cocktail glasses to give guests an upscale drinking experience. Ordering wholesale long drink glasses in bulk are also beneficial to hotels and resorts that offer room service or host events such as holiday parties or conferences. Businesses can get the most bang for their buck while still maintaining the highest quality product available. With proper care and utilisation, these versatile glassware items can last for years! 

Promotional long drink glasses 

Do you want to make your customers feel special? Whether you are looking for a clever way to reward loyal customers or want to bring the noise at an event, promotional long drink glasses will do the trick. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and they are ideal for events such as corporate gatherings, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday events, and more. Promotional long drink glasses are perfect for serving various types of beverages such as water, iced tea, soda and even cocktails. And because they come in different styles and sizes, you can choose long drink glasses for promotional use that best suit your needs and decor style. With their attractive features, durability, and versatility in any event setting, customers will enjoy having this item as part of their collection or on display in their home or office space. So, place an order right away or request a quote. Once you get them, you will wish you had sooner!