Personalized phone cases

It is difficult seeing our phone without a cover that can protect it from falls. It is even more difficult to imagine an ordinary cover, without that bit of personalization that will make you say "hey, this is my phone!". Personalized phone cases with your company logo or message can only be a great advertising medium, since anyone takes their mobile phone everywhere. Look at our assortment of personalized phone cases and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Our account managers are ready to help you. Keep in mind that for every order or inquiry we receive, we send you a digital preview of how your personalized cases will look like!

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Fast delivery

Phone wallet | PU leather | Magnetic
Phone wallet | PU leather | Magnetic
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Custom phone cases 

Companies who are looking to give personalized presents to their staff, customers, or other business relations should consider the following before selecting a phone case. First, determine the type of phone being used by the recipient. Custom phone cases are available for all major device models, including iPhones and Samsung devices, so it’s important to choose one that fits correctly. Then select a style that accurately reflects the brand identity of both you and your giftee. Custom printing is also available, so you can add logos or even a personalized message on the back of a case. With today’s technology and Loopper, getting custom phone cases is easier than ever before – making them perfect for any occasion where you want to show someone appreciation in a memorable way. We even offer waterproof options, so take a look above at our assortment and get your phone cases customized! 

Branded phone cases 

Phone cases are an essential way to promote and protect your company. By getting branded phone cases, you can increase your brand recognition while also protecting phones from drops, scratches, and other potential damages. Branded phone cases help build trust with customers by showcasing a professional look. With a company branded phone case, customers can easily recognize your product or services with just a glance. This kind of advertising is incredibly cost-effective compared to traditional marketing methods like TV commercials or print ads. Having phone cases branded with your logo also helps create a sense of unity among you and your employees or clients. It gives them something tangible to connect them back to the company and its values. Furthermore, having a unified look among employees helps customers identify who in the company they should talk to when needing assistance or support. For all these reasons, companies are getting their own phone cases for their business needs. Get yours today! 

Printed phone cases 

Our selection of printed phone cases covers a range of styles, from waterproof options to magnetic phone wallets. Every case is made with durable materials that offer long-lasting protection without adding bulk. At the same time, our printing process ensures your designs are printed with exceptional detail and accurate color representation. Whether you're looking for an eye-catching pattern or your conic logo, we have you covered. We know how important it is to have a phone case that looks great and stands up to daily use. That's why we dedicate ourselves to bringing you the highest quality products at an affordable price. With our combination of style and durability, you can trust us and our printed phone cases to keep your device safe while looking its best! Do you need help choosing the perfect model for your needs? Give us a call at +44 20 4576 5960! 

Phone cases with logo 

Phone cases with logo printing can serve as an advertisement for the business, spreading awareness of your company brand and helping to reach more potential customers. With almost everyone owning a smartphone these days, ordering phone cases with logo printing is a great way to increase brand visibility. Brand recognition is essential in driving customer loyalty and inspiring future purchases from existing customers as well as attracting new business. Having a phone case that displays your logo can be an effective way of doing this without having to invest heavily in expensive marketing strategies. Loopper offers businesses many opportunities to customize them according to their specific needs. This gives businesses flexibility when it comes to designing and creating phone cases with your logo that will best represent your company while providing practical solutions like water resistance. Customizing phones cases with a company logo is an excellent investment that helps build brand recognition while protecting phones from potential damage—all at an affordable price point compared to other marketing methods! 

Wholesale phone cases 

When it comes to printing custom wholesale phone cases, there are a variety of techniques used at Loopper to achieve the desired look and feel. Direct-to-substrate printing is one of the most commonly used methods and involves directly printing onto the substrate, eliminating the need for an intermediate transfer paper. Screen printing is also ideal for customizing wholesale phone cases with larger designs, as it uses a mesh screen to apply ink onto the material’s surface. Heat transfer printing also produces long-lasting results by using high temperatures and pressure to press an adhesive material onto the substrate. These techniques all yield different results, so choosing one depends entirely on your specific needs and requirements. It’s best to speak to your account manager about the options that are available for the product that you want. Companies can also take advantage of our unique laser etching process which permanently imprints an image or logo directly onto the phone case for lasting brand recognition. No matteer which method you choose for getting wholesale phone cases in bulk, our team of experts will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for with professional quality results. 

Promotional phone cases 

These phone cases give your customers something they can use every day, while also showing off your company's logo or design. Perfect for corporate gifting, promotional phone cases can provide a lasting reminder of the recipient's connection to your business. Made with sturdy materials, these cases will protect phones from everyday wear and tear as well as accidental drops. For companies looking to create a unique branding experience, phone cases for promotional use are ideal. People of all ages will appreciate promotional phone cases, but particularly younger generations who enjoy having stylish accessories for their phones. College students may find them particularly appealing due to their practicality! Business executives may also find them useful for networking - presenting your brand via attractive phone case promotional gifts shows recipients just how much you value them and can spark interesting conversations in addition to showcasing your business's personality.