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Meet the Looppers and see our power team

Our team

Our team

Loopper is made up of a diverse staff, from several nations, who are adept at speaking multiple languages at a native level. This way we can assist and accommodate consumers on a global scale. Consisting of staff members from all age demographics and identities, we take an inclusionary approach to team building and the results thus far have always been outstanding. We work hard, and we play hard! Always keeping in mind that our clients are our most important asset, along with our creative strength and great quality promotional goods. What makes us unique in our field is that we have a huge array of possibilities in terms of production. We accommodate the visions of our clients in terms of their brand and promotional goods. Together we can create the perfect form of brand recognition.

Edwin den Hartog
Managing Director
Geoffrey Pirson
Product Manager
Patrick Geijtenbeek
E-commerce Manager
Jessica van Kuik
Sales Director
Isabelle Schaefers
Senior Account Manager
Ingrid Langerhorst
Finance controller
Jildou Grasser
Marketing & special projects
Robin Houdyer
Senior Account Manager
Hanna Mause
Senior Account Manager
Jessica van Straten
Finance controller
Zoe Okkinga
Senior Designer
Mick van der Velde
Senior Designer
Maeva Henry
Senior Marketeer
Sanaé Godinaud
Purchase Manager
Rick Fuimo
Medior Marketeer
Romain Ménagé
Purchase Manager
External Designer
External Designer
Veronika Scheitler
Account Manager
External Designer
Davide Cabitza
Account Manager
Remco Verstraaten
Account Manager
Ole van Daalen
Account Manager
Anna Ruch
Account Manager
Marc Logier
Account Manager
Mark Schmidt
Account Manager
Nick Bakker
Account Manager
Alessandro Russo
Account Manager
Antoine Ricci
Account Manager
Quentin Jacques
Account Manager
Emilia Böttcher
Account Manager
Medior Developer
Medior Developer
Ruben d. Hoog
Marketing trainee
Branch Manager
What do our clients say?
Duralamp SpA
good service, well treated
4 stars: good service, well treated
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended
5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended
Mockup Free digital design Within 1 hour!
We pride ourselves in a fast but qualitive service without exception. Within 1 hour of your offer request or order, we will provide you with a free digital mock-up without any strings attached. This way we make sure to have a good start to making that deadline!
Custom made Custom
Create your own product!
We go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. We offer over 6000 products that you can make your own. Looking for that special product? We have our own creative department that custom designs your idea. You name it, we produce it!
Experience 20 years of experience Give us a challenge!
With 20 years of experience we have learned that human contact and knowledge about our products is key to what we do. We distinguish ourselves by always making sure that there is someone allocated to your project that will think along with you to get the best results.