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Mantis Bluetooth receiver - black

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A clever device which allows you to use your wired earbuds, ear phones or headphones wirelessly with any Bluetooth audio device (Smartphone, Laptop, etc.) Lightweight this gadget easily clips to your jacket, shirt, blouse etc. Good branding area means this will guarantee your logo stays in full view when in use.


Weight 8.0000
Height 14.2 cm.
Width 1.1 cm.
Dimensions 16 x 22 x 63
Material Plastic
Packaging Giftbox
Article number 254072


How many colours does your print have?

The price of your order depends on the number of colors you want to print on the product. In step 3, indicate how many colors your logo contains for printing. If you are not sure, please contact our helpdesk to help you further.


Amount Unprinted 1 Colours 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 Colours
50 Pieces EUR 0,43 EUR 0,94 EUR 1,42 EUR 1,90 EUR 2,38
100 Pieces EUR 0,39 EUR 0,66 EUR 0,90 EUR 1,14 EUR 1,38
250 Pieces EUR 0,38 EUR 0,55 EUR 0,83 EUR 1,04 EUR 1,25
500 Pieces EUR 0,35 EUR 0,50 EUR 0,71 EUR 0,88 EUR 1,04
1000 Pieces EUR 0,32 EUR 0,46 EUR 0,62 EUR 0,76 EUR 0,89
2500 Pieces EUR 0,31 EUR 0,43 EUR 0,58 EUR 0,70 EUR 0,82
5000 Pieces EUR 0,30 EUR 0,41 EUR 0,54 EUR 0,65 EUR 0,75


The expected delivery date is: Thursday 28 November


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