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Reusable water bottles in bulk

All clear water bottles in bulk that are sold by Loopper are reusable, BPA free and resealable. We provide plastic water bottles and thermoses made with several different materials depending on what you are looking for. The benefits of using wholesale reusable water bottles in bulk from Loopper is that reusable bottles are more eco friendly and are actually better for your health too. You in fact get less BPA in your system. Our products are durable and can be branded with your logo or message. The ideal fit for trade shows, team and group events, our durable and long-lasting wholesale custom bottles are sure to make your company stand out. So, they make the perfect promotional gift. Get yours now and provide a gift that your clients or target audience will be able to use regularly and safely. You might be organizing an outside event in the near future. Think of giving all your employees or colleagues a nice personalized bottle. It will do wonders for your team spirit. Be unique and give us a call if you want a free mockup. It can be white, blue, black or any other color that fits you. We will do our best to make it as fitting as possible for your project!

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Custom reusable water bottles in bulk - improve your ecological corporate image

Environmental protection is one of the most important topics at the moment, and companies that display ecological awareness are popular with workers, customers and even local authorities.

To present oneself as an ecological company, it is not enough to do everything to respect the environment, it is also necessary to communicate well on this subject. To do this, all means are sufficient, and those that work best are often the most discreet.

The public is wary of press releases, but they notice all the little gestures, especially if they can be seen... And the personalised reusable water bottle with your brand logo is probably one of the best ways to show that you care about the environment and are doing everything possible to reduce the amount of polluting plastic waste!

By investing in customised water bottles, you choose to associate your company's name with a modern and ecological object, sought after by young and old alike. The benefit for your green and eco-responsible company image is obvious and immediate.

Why are you waiting to follow the trend?

Why is ecology an important issue for all companies?

There is no longer any need to talk about the major interest of ecology for all companies. Even if the protection of the environment was not paramount, the legislation in force and especially the public vote are ruthless towards companies that claim to be openly polluting and disrespectful of our environment.

Conversely, an eco-responsible company that focuses on sustainable development and environmental protection enjoys an excellent image, and their results are growing rapidly. They attract the best people, always eager to work for a company that conveys modern values, and win the favour of customers who do not hesitate to buy their products in order to promote, in their own way, the defence of the environment.

So the challenge is clear: promoting your company as green and environmentally conscious can be an important factor for growth. And all this can start with a simple personalised reusable water bottle distributed to your employees, customers and suppliers…

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