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Personalised eco water bottles

Eco water bottles are one of the bestselling products at Loopper. Our planet is reaching its tax when it comes to plastic waste. As a company you can improve your carbon footprint by ordering eco-friendly water bottles printed with your logo. Our water bottles range from metal frames to BPA free material. Have your logo printed on one of these water bottles and receive a free digital sample. This way we ensure you will receive exactly what you had in mind.
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How to choose the right type of sustainable water bottle

Whether you want to equip your staff with a reusable water bottle to better withstand the heat of summer, or you want customisable eco-friendly water bottles to offer to your customers or prospects, Loopper offers a wide variety of sustainable water bottles with logo to make sure you find the eco-friendly water bottle that's right for you.

Bottle with hydration monitoring

This original bottle will delight people who want to pay attention to their hydration level. Indeed, this customisable reusable water bottle displays a larger and larger drop of water as you use it, in order for you to follow your daily water consumption.

Infusion Bottle

If you like to add vitamins to your bottle by adding pieces of orange, lemon or other fruits to it, then the brandable bottle with infuser will be the most suitable product for you. You will be able to put these pieces in a special compartment so you can enjoy your tasty water at any time of the day, while facilitating the cleaning of the bottle.

Thermal bottle

You want a simple, ecological and thermal bottle? Then this promotional bottle is the product you need. You only have to fill the bottle with cold water to keep it at the same temperature all day long.

Why can customisable ecological bottles improve your company's image?

Attitudes are changing as more and more people are becoming aware of their carbon footprint, leading them to make better choices about the products they buy, their packaging or a company's environmental reputation.

You have probably seen, or maybe you're already using, electronic invoices, which replace paper invoices to reduce paper consumption. In the same spirit, offering reusable custom eco-bottles says a lot about your company. Not only will you be able to display your logo or company name on the bottle, you will also be able to convey a very powerful message about your company: you are a company that cares about the environment.

You will thus be one of the companies that are well cited when a debate on the use of plastic takes place.

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