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Collapsible Water Bottles in bulk

Get your collapsible water bottles in bulk printed with a logo or message. Very suitable for festivals or other events during the summer, for instance. The bottles are unique because of their simplicity. The ease of storing the bottles has made their popularity skyrocket over the last few years. You can get the collapsible water bottles printed with your logo or a message you have created yourself. Before this physically takes place, we wait for definitive acceptation of the mockup by the client. Our account managers listen to your needs and go back and forth with our designers that are always prepared to create a professional mock up. These bottles are furthermore perfect to use for children. Order today and get your own personalised collapsible water bottles at Loopper.

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Why are customisable collapsible bottles eco-friendly gifts?

If you are interested in sports competitions in the great outdoors, you have probably noticed that the trend is no longer to offer plastic cups at refreshment stands. Their ecological impact was huge, with tons of waste after each race that had to be cleaned and then recycled.

But the participants must always have the possibility to quench their thirst, and they must be offered a solution... Which is simple: a foldable water bottle, generally distributed free of charge at the start, which can be filled at each pit stop for some much-needed refreshment. Thousands of sportsmen and women use this object every weekend!

As you can see, the marketing potential of a custom branded folding bottle is absolutely enormous, and not only for companies in the sports sector. Amateur runners and cyclists also have a normal life, and are consumers like any other, who may be interested in your products!

By choosing to personalise these collapsible bottles with your company’s name or logo, you can be sure that thousands of sportsmen and women will see it. They most likely won’t forget it any time soon!

How does the customisable collapsible water bottle improve your company's image?

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but it's always better if your name is associated with something positive, isn't it?

Personalised reusable water bottles are incredibly beneficial to the environment and ecology is an important aspect of our society today. Associating your company's name with something that helps save the environment is definitely positive for your image.

The other advantage is that people use collapsible water bottles in their leisure time, i.e. a relaxing moment when they are feeling good. Unconsciously, your name will be associated with these good times and your logo will gradually become synonymous with relaxation and pleasure. Your brand image will improve without you having to do anything!

What more could you ask for from a simple water bottle?

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