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Cheap water bottles in bulk

Looking for the perfect promotional water bottles on a budget? No problem! We have what you are looking for. At Looppers we provide cheap wholesale water bottles that are high quality and built to last. You can find cheap water bottles in different materials ranging from metal to tritan and in a variety of colours. Customize yours today and give your clients a great gift while keeping your budget set. Cheap water bottles are available in bulk or limited sizes.

Customisable water bottles, a cheap gift that can be used all year round

The isothermal water bottle is an extremely useful object all year round. It allows you to take fresh water with you on a walk in the middle of summer, or to keep your coffee hot in the middle of winter. Everybody needs it, but the problem is that its price is high...

That was before. Today, Loopper offers you isothermal flasks of different capacities at unbeatable prices. It's not expensive, but it's still of excellent quality! Whether it is made of aluminium, polymer or plastic, it allows you to quench your thirst at any time. The temperature retention capacity varies from model to model, so you can choose the product that best suits your marketing strategy.

Of course, all these cheap water bottles in bulk can be personalised! People will remember you every time they drink, just write your brand name on these bottles and you're done. Useful and inexpensive, it's an item that doesn't disappoint.

Which customisable bottle material to choose?

That is an excellent question, which would deserve a developed answer explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each material, but that would be far too long. Let’s try to summarise it briefly.

Simple plastic is the cheapest, but also the one with the shortest life span. It can, after a certain time, give a certain taste to water.

The various polymers are quality materials that offer good insulation, increased resistance and unlimited life. They are superb items, used by amateur and professional sportsmen and women alike.

Aluminium is a luxury material, offering a certain standing. It is not more expensive, but its image is excellent. On the other hand, sportsmen and women appreciate it less because it is heavier with the same capacity than quality polymers are. It's an object more designed for city-dwellers on a walk than for adventurers in the mountains.

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