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Wholesale umbrellas in bulk

Umbrella printing

Those rainy days are inevitable and bound to happen once in a while, or in some countries every day. Promotional umbrellas are a popular product that is both very useful for the receiver as for the business who?s logo is on the printed umbrella. Get something out of those rainy days by printing your logo on one of these wholesale umbrellas. Whether you are looking to buy umbrellas in bulk, or in need of a small batch, Loopper can do it all.

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At Loopper we strive to deliver the perfect product. To ensure this we offer all requests and orders made, a free digital sample. This way you can get a look at how the product will turn out and decide if changes are necessary. That?s why all our products are always exactly to our customers wishes.


If you are dealing with a tight deadline, or prefer a fast delivery, please let us know. Otherwise standard delivery times apply. At Loopper we always go to great lengths to make sure your order is delivered in the right timeframe.